Thursday, November 7, 2013

The heart is vast or the heart is walked over?

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Relationships and feelings never fail to fascinate me.I have never found that blood is thicker than water, in any way, and that's of course due to the life I've lived and the experiences I've had.

I've come to regard the "the heart is vast and we need to dig into the deepest parts of ourselves"-logic over and over again, since my biggest role model often speaks of that.
I also know that the good Dr, Dr Phil, used to state the simple and true "good fences make good neighbours". How do these thesis add up?
When people who ought to nurture you and shield you play the blame game on you and leave you hanging, how vast should the heart be? 
When you're being  treated badly, twisted into crazy confusion where nothing you ever did was right, how vast should the heart be? 
When nothing is being kept real in any way?
I conclude: not vast at all. Or rather: vast towards You. And "doing you" can be hard enough when you're mixed up in un-normal circumstances, unrightfully, and you do search deep down to find the genuine emotion, in which you should be able to find the answer, what you need to do.

I usually say parents have the responsibilities  and children have the rights. I still believe that.
Whatever I cocked up with my step kids is on me.I will face the music there at any time and I do.
When it comes to being a parent I believe in giving without any concern of receiving. 
I don't believe in "we did this, this and that for you, so now you owe us". I really don't.

If parents fail in the TLC-departement, as far as I'm concerned, it's on them. Kids' hearts should not be vast there, cause if they try to be those hearts will be walked all over.
I'm my own parent since many years and my heart is vast in that task - I care for the little girl that has needs that are deep. 
Consistently she puts those fences up every time they're being worked over by some storm and that little girl keeps saying:
-You didn't break me, then the devil came and he didn't break me either. I'm so still standing, bring it!

I'm impressed and proud, she's a strong chick. A little lonely in that, but strong. A little scared sometimes but happy.Dr Phil is right. My role model is also right, for she also says that we needn't be in relationships that hurt us. 
Word and amen and let's all stay in active dialogue with our hearts, for if you listen to what the heart says, there's a lot to be learned.
We should care for each other, in any relationship, we should have a vast strong heart, a deep loving care and patience with flaws.
And if all else fails: we need to build those fences.

To all those little girls out there - cuz there are plenty - that are their own best parents: nothing but love for you and keep it up with the self love! We should give ourselves all that we needed as kids and still need today.

My humble thoughts on this day.


Random iPhone and IG shots from a beloved weekend last week, to our old hometown!

Yeah, road trippin' !

Arriving at the destination.

The Boy loved the lobby. The whole hotel, as a matter of fact!

Hubs promised his desert was to die for! Hopefully he'll make a lactose free one for me, at home :-)

My heart and life, right there <3


A place I've longed to visit!

Our old hometown. My son's hometown.

A fun, fun, fun night out with my husband!

That pool's location... Let me tell ya'!

Hotel brekkie!!

Passing on that swim...

My firstborn baby!

Tired after 48 hours of visiting all kinds of relatives...

No point in making excuses or saying I'm sorry for being here so seldomly. I simply do not have the amount of time that's required, so good enough will have to do, these days.

Take excellent care and have a grand weekend, precious ones!