Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday!

Here I roll in with some Friday love, for y'all!
Enjoy it, every last bit of it, and make it a fond memory for next week. I sure will!

Som Instagrams for you, from the passed TWO weeks. Oh my.

Riding with hubs.

Foggy day.

Certain signs of spring!

Go hubs!

Pasta and Mojito On The Way...

Funkie, the dog, was intrigued by this foam.

After Jogging!

Be still...

Well eh, me.

Living here, is da shit!!

The city where I work.

The town where I live <3

Yours truly.

My happy boy.

Me and my beloved cousin, as kids.

Out jogging Saturday morning.

Saturday evening.


Picking his mama up?!

Talking to his big bro, wishing him a happy b-day!

Bright and early - and light!


Looking at my own Instagrams, I think the sun has showed quite a lot. And it has. The more splendid times have made an entrance, they're telling of some marvelous times that lay ahead. 
I can absolutely feel it and it makes me feel both humble and excited. 

I always feel like I'm in a happy movie, or something, during our summers in this new, coastal way of life. The ocean, the birds, the breeze and the BBQ. It's special.
It's ahead. It's good to know.

Have yourself a splendid little weekend.
Love and laugh!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a wonderful life!

Yay, yay, yay - what a wonderful life it is!
The sun shines and shows her best features, my family blooms in many ways and I feel especially good.

In spite of lice (yeah, once or twice a year they show up like a plague infection at school) attacking us (which they never have done before...) I feel like a spring flower in bloom. I feel light on my feet, sunny in my mind.
I keep thinking "go figure" 'cuz hubs still hasn't gotten any money after being unemployed (having trouble getting his unemployment-insurance money because of having been an entrepreneur) and my money sure isn't enough and hubs is a bit blue lately, and all.
Springtime, baby, and all is well that's sunny. And sun is here today and hopefully tomorrow.

Intriguing that it can be like that - that I can be happy in spite of some issues that, of course, worry me.

Nowadays the little mamas up there are making up their nests, real good... 
There will be babies any day now, I suspect.

The weekend offered a breakfast opportunity outside!

The Boy geared up in brand new clothes. 
About time, everything is too short, all of a sudden.

The new and fast shoes!

The life guard guards the premises.

And begs for a cookie in between...

The Boy got to buy new spring shoes, pants and socks Saturday and he's ecstatic about it. He bought the kind of sneakers his idol wears (Nike, honey) and didn't want to take them off at all, all night.
So while hubs and I dug in order to saw new grass, BBQ:ed and planted flowers The Boy kept running around in his brand new shoes, stating that they can run fast!
Bless his little heart.

I'm so glad - and so proud - that I adopted this sweet wonderful little
lovable spanish street dog. I love him dearly. He loves us.

He loves the sun!

Yeah, they're showing themselves.

Looks like someone's writing.

Life, the way I see it
I get energy from meeting people, spending time with them and talking to them. I especially enjoy meeting other leaders, as I do when ever I take a course, via work.
Yesterday I started a course, that continues today. Of course I learn the subject but even more - I learn from listening to and talking to the other leaders. That is something I love!
I respect all their different experiences and all their new/other takes on issues. It fascinates me, this leading work, and it never ends surprising and offering new challenges.
I wouldn't have in any other way, even though I'm almost always way out of my comfort zone.

The garden is improving.

Good honey xoxo.

Some folks work hard. Some folks do pedicure...

So, that's how we roll these days. Hubs looking grim, thinking and thinking, I'm jumping around, foolishly smirking, the dog closing his eyes in the wonderful sunshine and The Boy hopping in Nikes.
Good stuff, good times but with a serious twist.

It is a little weird that a man can be too old to get a job at the age of 43, I think.

Yes, he's starting his own business again but not with a whole lot of money.
So - again - I'll keep you posted and things will work out. That, I know for sure.