Friday, March 23, 2012

Feelin' so freakin' jiggy!

I don't really know why but I'm stepping around felling very jiggy, all the time!
I dance in my office, I jump there too, and I have a weird smirking smile that won't wipe off.
I have energy that would last for ten women and I joke and laugh over and over again.
Good thing, 'cuz I've been aworking and asocializing....

Socializing with The Dude...

Some late evening peace and quiet.

I decided to capture the spirit of the late night, long day's night.

Yeah, well... the dishawsher's still broke and we're still on too tight a budget to get a new one.

Every day life.

I've made it through some hard experiences this week and I feel content and happy with me. I've even felt high on me, this week and that is an indescribable emotion. It makes them legs wanna jump, wanna be all jiggy!!

The mere fact that I have a whole weekend off, does its part in cheering this old soul up. I feel dazzled by that fact and I feel rich in time. What shall I do with all that time?

You know The Boy snuts my hair - yes, he still does! I captured the look for ya!

Now the small little darlings are starting to take a peek-a-boo up from the soil...

Making me want to dance inside, instead of walk!

I couldn't believe my luck when I caught this sun set the other night!

Gorgeous colors, as always.

Tuesday snuggle went Wednesday snuggle this week - and did we ever snuggle?!

Some sweet snuggle going on.

Someone with dark brown eyes did snuggle along...

Watching TV like mama: with electronics in the lap.

A whole bunch of little mamas have finally returned and I can't wait to listen to their little ones soon... We sure are expecting, around these parts, around these days!

And another thing: I've been falling for my husband, all over again! Falling totally in love, that is. Like I can't wait to get home, to see him. Like I want to sleep on his arm, like I want him to make me a Mojito - even though it's only Thursday....
Fancy times. Good times.

Friday, I'm in love. With oh, so many things :-)
Have a marvelous Friday dear friends, nothing but love to ya!

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