Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Step aside and let the stars shine!

The great music contest had its grande finale (for our country  - the european finale is in May) and we decided to make an extravaganza out of it!
We never go to glam parties - and don't even socialize with anyone down here yet - so I needed the fun and glamour, hubs needed to feel less grim and The Boy is always up for some fun AND loves the music contest.

We rolled out the red (black) carpet and did pose in front of the red door!
Be ready - prepared even - for some bright shining stars:

He showed up - a huge star in country music!

One paparazzi opted to capture this sing star in frog perspective...

Strike a pose!

Err, hrmmm.... what's this? A blooper?!

The world famous director and his muse.

It's an old trick: photographing the pararazzis...!

Waving to all the fans :-)

The country legend strikes a pose.

And shows off his famous line dancing!

Here's the brat pack: too cool, to swag, too hot for this song.

The glamorous Hollywood family!!

Ohhh, that director IS flamin' hot...

Let the festivities begin!!

And they began!

The music contest offered much thrill and we all voted and were excited who would win and get to represent our country in the big final, in May. The Boy was not pleased by the winner but not really displeased either, so the evening got a clean bill of health all in all.
The day after I asked The Boy what he thought of the glam-extravaganza (thinking maybe I was the only one who really liked it and maybe The Boy thought it silly), his answer made me instantly realize it was all so worth it. He said:
-I was so happy I almost cried!

All about making memories, for sure. We'll make a tradition of this! The Boy may even pass the tradition on, who knows? He will remember it anyway and tell his kids about it later. That is important stuff.

More goings on from the last days:

The dog is a master of begging and is not at all ashamed to do it, even if he IS a refined dog.

An extatic (and joking!) boy, eating his Saturday candy, Sunday morning.

It seems good....

Uh-oh, he got a piece of it!

A beg well done!

Of course I worked that blessed Sunday that passed. I work this upcoming Sunday too. And the sun decided to show what she's got!
The birds sang her praise, the neighbors stepped out into their gardens and I could hear voices coming from all directions. People put their trampolines together, The Boy went bicycling and hubs and I..... had coffee outside before I left for work.

And boy, what a grand moment in the sun, it was! 

Can't get enough of it. Can never get enough of coffee in the sun, with the hubster.

The Boy offered us a fab moment of glory.

Love that boy.

Yes, didn't I tell ya - The Boy can whistle!!!

Whistling boy, touching dada's weird beard.

I guess it's no wonder that I rejoice, huh?!
Every time I step in to my own office at work, I peek towards the windows, close the door gently and take a leap of joy and of faith! 
I jump up high, I try to keep a little spring-scream low and I do some kind of weird dance of happiness!

I feel fab, these days!
I wish the same upon you.

Happy Wednesday. Do look for at least Five Fabs today, if you will please?!!  It might even become a Favorite Day.

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  1. Haha... He can whistle???? My Nathan is still trying!
    Super fun photos of the family... Really great.
    Jennie. X