Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Counting my blessings!

I was (semi) wrong: I didn't really deliver today...
I've been working, what feels like around the clock, so far this week and I'm only on a 15 minutes lunch break now!

I count my blessings today.

I have health.
I have love.
I love my home.
I'm in the middle of a good work day.
I have a family I love.
I have a dog that's the cutest little thing.
I hear the Blackbird today.
I feel a smooth hand on my cheek - that's the sun.

I will be back Friday and I wish all my fab readers a continued splendid week!

PC:s never will work with me... Well, I'm happy anyway!

For today I carpe diem, this Favorite Day :-)

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