Monday, March 26, 2012

Our best time is now

Today is a magnificent and very special day
Today, as early as 06:11, I have been a mother for 21 years. The best 21 years of my life, without a doubt!
The little boy with brown eyes, curly brown hair and the sweetest smile, I have loved since the first second and the love is ever growing and mind blowing, hurricane like and eternity. All at once.
There's no such love and the firstborn is.... firstborn.
Alexander, I love you so much - there's no way you'll ever know how much.
And I know you love me endlessly, last time you told me so was in a text message just a few days ago.
You know you make my day, week, year, life when you do that, right?!

Here's to Alexander the great: happy birthday, sweet baby boy <3

Here he celebrates aging 1 year, today he celebrates being 21. 
How the years pass!

Apart from the obvious: my thankfulness for the sons I have, I also think there are so many things to notice in a regular day.
We need to do that more, we need to get better at doing it.

Like finally being able to plant pansies, I truly appreciate it.

Perky yellow!

Appreciating, for damn sure, the hubs lending a helping hand outside...

Ooops there!

My second born captured a happy-go-lucky mama walzing about!

A simple little thing, like coffee in the garden.

Take a moment, look to your left and then to your right!
I'll bet you can find a lot of things to be thankful for, just by doing that.

I really thought about that walking with co-workers (passing out our spring program folder), looking at all those spectacular big beautiful houses in my work area. I envied their houses, their gardens and even their grand cars. Those wooden decks were to die for and a lot of things were...

I paused for a second and thought to myself: "we have a very cute red front door" - and we do!
Our tiny little attached house, with a tiny stamp-size garden has a cute red front door. It also has lanterns hanging in our only tree! That's something.

It comes with a grill also...

And tiny flowers.

Compliments of good forces: The Dog!

BBQ - ain't nothing like it.

And that ever so sweet boy - in indian attire.

After the grilled meat, this awaited. Another first for the season. Another rite of passage for me.
Duely appreciated.

Jogging Saturday morning I owned the world!
I was so free and happy and couldn't care less about hubby's employment- and money-worries (or my soft tummy, for that matter), no I was inspired and was running faster than ever.
I felt good. I FEEL good!

So, we need to put in a new kitchen and two new bathrooms. Yes, we do, these are from the eighties and not really any fun. We also want a wooden deck - I'd love that!
But we've done quite a few things already on this house and if we hadn't, everything would be from the eighties. I love the stairs now, I love the wall paper in the kitchen and I love our living room. I will enjoy painting The Boy's walls this spring, 'cuz he really wants it.
I will thoroughly enjoy sipping Mojitos in that Adirondeck chair we bought last year, so yes I sure have a lot to be thankful for and to notice.

And since our best time is now, I'll enjoy the red door, the deckchair, the old kitchen and bathrooms. I'll enjoy our tiny house, because it's ours! Our life is ours and our best time is: now.
Our only time is now.

The weekend was fab!
Have a grand - noticable - Monday!

(me? I'll give that first born of mine a call, to hear his sweet 21 year old voice!)

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  1. And so we celebrate the birth days of our firstborns so close together! Happy birthday to him!!! You have the best attitude, it is contagious!! Thank you :)