Saturday, December 29, 2012

OMG have I been busy?!!

Hello all dearies out there!!
I realize I haven't updated here in ages - I had totally forgotten :-o Yeah, go figure but at the same time - very nice to see that I've lived quite intensely this Christmas...!

My dearly loved firstborn son came here together with his dear sweet girlfriend and even if they only stayed almost two days it filled my heart all the way up, with love <3
When they're here I feel I can take on the world and whatever the world throws my way.
When I see that my son is grown, happy, harmonic and kind (and loved!) I know that every effort was worth making and every tear worth crying.
I may have done a thousand things the wrong way during some 18 years of horror but some huge important things, I got right.
Yes, it is healing spending time with him.

Now the firstborn and his sweetheart have gone home and left in an empty home are we: the small nuclear family!
We've been carpe dieming and then I took ill in a cold. So, staying in bed reading, watching movies and some writ in, was on the menu. All good.

Upcoming are some trips to un-near and dear ones. I do hope to get better by the minute, from now on!!


Today it's my b-day!!!!
I post this now and will return with photos after New Year's!!!!
Nothing but love to you <3

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Advent

All is p e r f e c t, I feel lucky, my heart is totally warm and I have a totally absolutely awesome weekend!
There has been Christmas candy-cooking, gravy-making (for Christmas and for the visit of the firstborn) and just celebrating the time, the now:s....

The feeling goes all the way down the very core of my heart, the bottom of my soul and it is luck, it is love and swellness.
I stand here wanting nothing.
I stand here feeling perfection and I can't believe I have such a wonderful life.

It has been kind of cold but right now it's a little milder again.

Been lunching with hubs... 

Been snuggling with Mr Funkie! 

Been enjoying the company of me, myself and I ;-) 

Yay, next time it's time for Eurovision Song Contest, it's in the city where I work.
We got hold of tickets to a dressed rehearsal to the semi final... 

Exciting x-mas wishes from far away..!! 

A couch sleeping hubster, really really tired Zzzzzzz! 

Can you believe this IG-shot shows the star?!!!! 

Christmas-partying with colleagues! 

Partying with new friends in our home! 

Splendid mornings <3 

Been x-mas shopping... 

Been playing! 

Been resting. 

Been celebrating Lucia! 

Been AW:ing... (been kinda busy, eh!?!) 

.... been tired.... 

Been on a movie-and-dinner-date with hubs! 

Foh sho!! 

Hubs joined The Boy to the last practice before x-mas at floor ball. 
Kiddos versus parents. Kiddos won!!! 

Mandatory Christmas candy: kn√§ck! 

Too good though..!

Sure I commute, I rarely see the town I live in and I miss some things like picking The Boy up from school, most days, but in my life and in our family we're wanting nothing and we're so pleased with what we have.
We're not rich, we can't remodel the kitchen and the bathrooms at the moment and keep postponing doing The Boy's room makeover but somehow, this almost-42 year-period of my life has meant balance and I try for it - and achieve it - in most parts.

Feels grand.

Third Advent. A whole lot of love, a whole lot of calm and peace and quiet.
Peace out.

Love, A.