Monday, May 30, 2011

Mother's Day!

Today (it's sunday evening writing this) it's Mother's Day in my country. I was calmly and sweetly celebrated by a father and a boy in bed. The Boy was excited - like speeded - jumping around fetching me the gift he had chosen. Bless his little heart.
The Boy thought it was a splendid Sunday and also wondering when it was Children's Day.

Newly out of bed, hugging my boy, feeling celebrated and pleased.

The Boy has a good memory: his father got star shaped toast 
on Father's Day and on Mother's Day the Boy wanted that!

The hedge is in bloom! This is probably our garden's finest hour.

Just a pic of the morning boy.

I've been commuting between anticipation and some kind of blue feeling this passed week. I don't know why at all and I'm guessing that it has something to do with my new ability to love the summer and hence also the fear of loosing summer again. I'm so in love with it!
BBQ, grass growing tall, kids running in and out the door, me walking out barefoot at any time of the day. I really feel I'd love to live that way all year around.

I'm pleased with my arrangement to keep the table cloth in place - they look good even without the cloth! And this pic I got barefoot, right before running easily out to the car, hitching a ride with hubby to work.

The week had its scary moments also...

My hairdresser is a lot more than a hairdresser. She dresses my soul also and my femininity.

Isn't it funny how different environments make you feel utterly different? 

Going to work in a shiny dress in turquoise made me stand out a bit, in the sense that I looked a little too dressed up. Even though I wore a blue cardigan over it.
Going into town, shopping for jeans for The Boy, I felt like a bum, too dressed down and totally out of fashion, compared to all those cute fashionistas in the city. 
Stepping into my "hairdresser/hairartist/style coach"'s little boutique I felt almost ugly. It's true! I can't believe it can vary like that.

Well, cutting to the chase: stepping out I felt glamorous, in a nice hair do, new nail polish and lipstick. And I was sparkling with joy too!!

I don't think that's superficial, I think I need that and that my visit to her every three months is necessary for me, in order to get that little piece of glamour. I'll try to hang on to the feeling this time and wear the red nail polish to work, even though my co-workers will remark on it.

This happy and balanced I was, afterwards.

I found the button for photographing myself (!) and of course had to try it. Even happier!
(I don't know if this dress is too dressed up or too dressed down, and out of fashion, and I don't care)

Funkie and I.

Dog attack
During our latest jogging lap my dog was attacked by two huge dogs, without any warning. We were minding our own business, jogging quietly, and all of a sudden those two came from the side, growling loudly. They attacked, my dog screamed and tried to get away but they wouldn't let go.
The owners first did nothing, then screamed "what shall we do?" and I shouted "remove them!".
I threw my iPhone on the ground, my tears were covering my face 'cuz it looked like they were going to kill him.
Eventually the man got the dogs away so I could hurry off with Funkie. We sat on the road (around the corner) and caught our breath.
I'm so happy my dog is alive but I can't understand how people can have such aggressive dogs loose.

We went to throw garbage away, that place is quite nice looking.

The Boy looks at one of the mighty wind turbines.

Walking around our little town is always a cheerful business.

This window display I LOVE. I feel like buying a hat now!

Brand new Hollywood-looking sunglasses. Inspired by my new glamorous style!

A regular visit to our regular coffee place. I like regular.

A not so regular sight in my town year 2011.

Neither is this, hmmm...

Back to Mother's Day!
It's cold and rainy here today and therefore a perfect day for staying inside, which I have. I've been on the couch and in a foam bath. I've had coffee twice with hubby and son. I've spoken to my mother on the phone.
It's a good Mother's Day.

And I love the hedge blooming.

And, and... I have two different shades of pink on hands and feet. So I think it'll be a splendid week!

I wish you all a good one!

Friday, May 27, 2011

A postcard from my family!

Stamp on, and it's off!
Since I keep praising our town I thought a postcard might come in handy here!
Of course not nearly all of the beautiful spots are portrayed in this postcard (they rarely are in postcards) but on the other hand: there are no silly jokes or bikini broads either ;-)

Mom's trying to capture the yellow half timbered? I'll make sure I get in the way!!

Birds are of special interest to us, especially to me: I love birds.
These ones were nesting outside the grocery store window.

... more birds. Baby birds this time (yes, I should have used another lense but I can't find it!!!).

Still kidding around!

Now we're talking. See?!

We've been living here a year, about now. I've been here a year and 26 days and Marcus and The Boy have been here almost a year. We're undoubtedly in the infatuation state still, no question about it! We discover new things and places all the time and it's all a wonder and a marvel. I guess I'm what the hubs call "overly enthusiastic" by nature but boy, do I marvel over things!

I still remember the first evening I came home late from work to the lonely house: I walked the wrong way and got lost in our neighborhood. Now this seems like a joke!

All sorts.

Yihaa, finally open for business for the summer! One of our favorite caf├ęs.

At this place I ran around as kid and at this place my grandmother and grandfather have enjoyed many a good cup of tea or coffee with cookies, cake and ice cream. Memory Lane, hence, but still as my grandfather's favourite poet Lorca wrote:
"You can never get back to the childhood places, cause they're not still there".
It is so: without the people, the places are not the same. But we're creating new memories, new "places" that our boy can remember and later conclude "are not still there".

In our town it's a tradition among the senior citizens to dress up for the Saturday cup of coffee.
This gentleman sure does look nice in his hat!

Father and son looking down at the ducks swimming by.

The tulips are already on to the last blooming...

Well, now this photo speaks for itself!

This ons has loved soap bubbles since.... forever!!

Wow, how high and fast they fly!

It's a bit tricky learning how to make huge bubbles...

Looks like The Boy finally found a way to get the dog's attention.

This is something that gardens are particularly good for.

Cuddly days, even for the ever working husband.

You guessed it: t'was about that time...!

Of course I had to cheer it on!

Dare I say it? It's Friday again. Great weekend coming up, for me. I'm off to see girlfriends Saturday evening and the rest is fun times with the fam. Have a good one!

Sunny greetings from us!