Monday, May 9, 2011

Ordinary is great!

My dog is totally faithful and loyal. When I cook he follows my every move, when I watch TV he sleeps under my feet and when I take a bath... well, this sight is ever present!
Recently ha adopted a pink towel, to have as yet another snutting blanket, so now he's got four of them.

The expression of the little face is, somehow, undescribable.

The Boy is faithful to his cottage cheese. He sticks to it like glue!

And I would guess that the prisoners in this newly built prison are faithful to it - they sure can't get out.

A place in the sun
Our garden is small. No getting around it. I often try, however, to get around things that there's no getting around. I can't make it bigger, of course, but I can make it feel bigger. A little tiny bit bigger.

I rearranged the existing furniture so that two chairs that were hooked to the dining table moved away and created a small coffee/wine place further down i the garden, where the sun stays for longer in the evening. It's right by the trampoline so that keen parents can watch kiddos jumping, while sipping on coffee.
Of course this left the dining group without some seats and I will buy three stools to replace these two (since the vacancy is now right where the garden door opens out, so you must be able to push the stools in underneath the table) but hubby is of course against it, he dislikes sitting on stools, he says...

He couldn't argue with the fact that it's a nice spot in the sun, though.

Yes, it's really out there: spring, spring, spring!

The Boy grabbed the newspaper and his father's glasses!!

Our garden, however small, is filled with colours and life.

Lego building going on. Very ordinary sight.

OK, it's some kind of hang up of mine, this BBQ:ing. And so it is to most of our neighbours! I wish you could experience a late afternoon here and the scent in the air. It's smells so good you want to immediately turn the grill on. No time to wait!
And this is ordinary too. Weekends, starting with friday.

Hubs and the Weber.

Somehow the neighbours' scents that fly around always seem to have a stronger scent than your own grill has. But the taste? Oh boy!

What a grand Friday!

What good company.

(As you can plainly see, the new little group works just fine)

On growing
Growing is both invisible and crystal clear. While a child slowly grows up you practically only notice it on the steady stream of outgrown clothes but in all other aspects it's not obvious.
Then when a loved child moves out to live on it's own, then it's all of a sudden painfully apparent that growing indeed took place. You just didn't realize it.

We spoke to The Big Boy (aka Mr Fantastic) and joy was all around!

Coins grew into a  pile that was suddenly enough to buy a movie box of Batman cartoons.

The Grape plant was huge last year and this year we kind of feared it was dead. But now it's making a beautiful entrance and we have high hopes!

I'm in love with my garden. Totally in love, since it meets all my needs: it's manageable, it hosts a trampoline, it now has two places to sit down, it's great for BBQ:ing, it's great for sipping wine talking, it's fab for coffee and cake and magnificent for reading a magazine in the sun!

Yeah, that's right i borrowed the small table from the front side.
I best buy a new little table for that spot..!

Right now my boy sings a song with these lyrics: "hey, what a wonderful day it is, when you can be yourself and we can all live together, hey hey, listen to yourself, believe in yourself and we will all live together, what a wonderful day it is, what a wonderful day it is..."

I'd say that The Boy sums it up pretty perfectly, wouldn't you?!
I wish you a wonderful new week.

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