Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Evening of Extravaganza!

The celebration of love
This was the day: the celebration of my first born's twentieth birthday. I had had the pleasure of being a mother to him, for exactly twenty years. It was a celebration for both of us and indeed the both of us did accomplish quite the achievement, twenty years ago!

The "second born" was thrilled, staying at a hotel!

While the "third born" was not...

When it's a sunny Saturday morning and you're staying at a hotel: dance ballet in the lobby!

The Boy also noticed the blue sky behind the glass ceiling.

It was like everybody was infected with the happiness virus that I and Alexander suffered from: we who had the special celebration. Hubs was in a splendid cheerful mood and Johannes was going "hay wire", climbing, running, hiding and joking non stop.

Marcus gave up on trying to capture me with Johannes, so I gave it my best shot. No point whatsoever...!

The happiness virus demanded that we take a stroll in the city, before going to pick Alexander up for one of his b-day presents: IKEA shopping. 
So, we went downtown, all the 60 steps from our hotel. Johannes was to buy a movie, I bought a pair of spring shoes (can't always vander around in Converse) and hubby got a haircut at his old hairdresser's, 'cuz when it's time to celebrate you might aswell do it in style! 
It was all laughs and I can't remember feeling much happier than I did. Almost. I was even happier later that evening.

For sure, noone needed telling me to Carpe Diem. But it's a good thing it's out there, as a reminder!

There were sunny skies, I had been jogging with The Dog earlier and now I walked with husband and son, only waiting for loads of fun things to start happening. Life sure is unbeatable. 

Our old hometown showed itself from a nice angle, this day.

Fulfilling dreams
Being a mother of two sons is fulfilling a dream, for me. I love being the mother of boys since it's challenging aswell as very exciting and explorative. We're different in many ways and we learn a whole lot from each other. I see how my sons resemble each other, while at the same time they resemble me, as a child and as youth.

IKEA is a dream of a different sort! Alexander had been wishing, for quite some years, to go there with me and buy stuff he needs. Now that he has his own apartment the wish was even stronger. Finally we got around to it and gave it as a gift for his birthday: shopping spree!
Fulfilling a dream.
We started with coffee and cake however and got to sit together, all of us, and catch up. Wonderful time - to think that such great things can happen at an IKEA store!

(did I ever mention that I love that son of mine? that I'm proud?) ;-)

It's best to try for some attention...

We found loads of good stuff, so now that room will have new "art" (NY-photo), new curtains, new bed, new sheets, new bedside tables, pillows, covers and lamps!!

What a happy day it is: 20 years!!!!!!! 
20 years of love.

You mothers out there will know what it is I feel here: pride.

Even happier
As I stated earlier: "almost". The day continued and we hurried to the hotel to change and then walk to the restaurant. My boys looked at the view, while waiting. I took opportunities to marvel. To be present. Which is what life is all about.

My mother and my husband enjoying good food aswell as good company. It sure was some night!

The Boy was good about things this evening, knowing it was his brother's day. He didn't whine at all and watched a movie when things got too boring... Those little ones, how amazing they are being able to be good sports and understanding things one never would think.

Below I'll let the pictures tell the story of just how wonderful and magical it all was, to me. I don't want to spoil it with words that aren't grand enough or don't do it justice:

I will say this: looking at my 20 year old son, I see that he looks very happy. That makes me very happy.
I also see that my father looks happy, I guess our happiness makes him happy?! So, maybe it's the same phenomenon with happiness as love: we give it, share it, it comes back and enhances?

My brother looks fine in his brand new glasses!

The evening of the Big Birthday consisted not only of love, good food and happiness, it also hosted laughter. I laughed so hard that tears were running and make-up left! We talked of old times, we remembered old times and to some old stories were new stories so the laughter, for them, was of surprise aswell as of fun.
I remember thinking that it was magical (sorry to be repeating but I can't find a word that's better suited) that we were all laughing and having such a good time. Noone was ill, noone had a heahache or anything else that could have gone wrong. The stories were so good that they in themselves become stories for the future: "remember when...?". It was an evening like that, an evening to remember and talk about.
And that's what I wanted for my son Alexander.
Alexander The Great, my hero.

After dinner and drinks, around 11 PM Alexander went on to go dancing with friends. Hubs, I and Johannes went back to the hotel. We had some wine and Johannes had a movie, fighting sleep until the bitter end.

I went to sleep feeling thankful and very complete.

Monday, March 28, 2011

So, we were off...

The Friday
The friday afternoon did finally come and we were finally off!
Hubs picked me up at work, accompanied by the The Boy and The Dog. Everybody was excited and in a terrific mood. We knew the drill: there would be coffee soon and there was already some sweets. How sweet!

We arrived at Alexander's place in the evening, just in time for dinner. Johannes unpacked some lego and showed his brother different figures and they got really busy building (hehe, as I write this Johannes sits beside me and as he digs around in his lego-box he hands me pieces of lego such as an arm, a leg and instructs me to put them on the table - the responsability and the trust, eh?!!).

I got busy cooking, since that's one of the things I miss doing: cooking his favourite meals, for him. 

Isn't it strange that that's a thing to miss? I used to cook almost every day for 19 years for that son and still: I miss it now that I practically never do it. What I miss the most about it, is his appreciation 'cuz he really loves my cooking. 
Well, this Friday I got to cook for both him and one of his two friends, that he shares the apartment with!

There was much merryment, this glorious evening in the welcoming home of my son. This was the first time I saw his new apartment and I felt relieved and pleased seeing it was a nice apartment with a new washing machine and dryer, a modern kitchen and a big balcony with a very nice view. It feels extra good knowing he has a nice home, now that we don't share it any longer.

On the other hand
On the other hand, it was the game playing that was the feature of the hour...
There was some serious gaming that needed going on! The Boy had longed and prepared for weeks and The Big Boy knew what kind of a challenge he was in store for: time to play!

How my heart warmed up - nearly melted - seeing those two together. My sons, my big reason for living, as well as for being happy. Love is so peculiar: we give it, share it and then it grows and is given back to us, even stronger, and then it keeps growing from that.
I felt it. It still grows, grows so much it almost aches and at the same time it's the ultimate joy and comfort.

So, it's like this: when you can't be around on a daily basis, it's very important that other people are. 
My son is fortunate enough to have a whole bunch of friends and even so a small circle of close, good friends. He shares his apartment with two of his best friends and I know for a fact that they're there for him, as he is for them. They help each other, they go grocery shopping together and they chill together. Important. 
Heart warming, for a mother.

The Brothers
When I had had my first born I swore that I wouldn't have another child unless and until I was in a good relationship and preferably married! I never thought I'd have another child, of course, and I was totally satisfied with my fabulous son who really means the world to me.

Then true love happened upon me... 
And when my beloved Marcus and I had been married for four years we decided that we should try to have a child together. Hence there was, evidently, Johannes eventually. 
Alexander was 14 when Johannes made his entry and there was instant love between the boys! 
I had wondered what kind of a relationship they'd have, considering the age difference, but their relationship is marvellous. They're the best friends and they play so well together and they laugh out and loud and look so cute. When Johannes was a baby and I was a zombie (the tire) Alexander would come home from school saying:
-You go and sleep, mom and I'll take care of Johannes. 
Then he'd watch him and entertain him so that I could sleep for a couple of hours. What a 14 year old!

As you can plainly see the "Once In a Lifetime 20 Year Weekend Extravaganza" started out in the best thinkable way! The following days were equally enjoyable.

But I still can't believe that boy is 20 years old!

Wonderful Weekend!

Oh, yes - it was wonderful. Really wonderful, like perfect wonderful and totally magical!
This weekend's celebration of my oldest son's 20:th birthday in our old home town was love, from start to end.

We got home really late so I didn't have time to make a regular post but it's coming up, be sure of that.

See you soon and I have some heart warming photos to show. I'll leave you with this sneak preview:

For now I wish you a good start of the new week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Capturing moments

Twenty years
March 26:th I can celebrate - and will celebrate - having been a mother for twenty years. Twenty years!!!

As unbelievable as that sounds, as fast did those years pass by. 
This weekend we're going to celebrate with that boy, going out for dinner, going shopping together and presenting the boy with a special gift.

I like to think that I'm all about Carpe Diem. Capturing the moments is one of the best things we can spend our time doing. That becomes apparent when you are the mother of a 20 year old while you're also the mother of a five year old. Teaching a boy how to ride a bike wasn't as much of a wonder when I was 24 as it is now, at 40. You need experience and something to compare with, in life, in order to fully appreciate certain things.
I do appreciate running alongside a bike now, I do appreciate those precious days with the old son so crazily much now that I don't get to do it very often. And those ten days we had in New York this passed autumn? Pure magic!

I can hardly believe I was there to experience it, seeing this photo in retrospect, it was that wonderful having the year's first breakfast outside on Sunday!

The dog really captured the moment of sniffing in what's on those plates...

The evening before we had premiered the brand new grill. And Boy, was it good!

Being 40 doesn't mean a thing, if you haven't lived those 40 years. 
I have. 
There has been so many days that weren't fun but there were also good days and nature is good about this: you seem to remember the good ones more vividly!
The Dog sure doesn't regret being courages enough to take the leap to board the plane to our country and exchanging a life as a street dog, in order to become a family dog.

He's got the typical, ever so cute, underbite, that spanish street dogs so often have.

I sure don't regret pursuing a relationship with the cutest, kindest man I had ever met. In spite of us both being in somewhat harsh times in our lives. I love him regardless and it proved to be so: our love is strong enough. There is nothing we can't survive together and we know it for sure.

It's a good thing The Boy knows what he means and how the lego he wishes for, works...

King of cool!

So, I know how fast the baby becomes a lego playing boy and how fast the lego playing boy becomes a computer game playing boy and how fast the computer playing boy becomes a..... big boy. 
A young man. 
It happens like a blink of an eye and you're never ready for it. It just happens and it just works somehow, even though you thought you might not be able to endure the change.

The hop mat
Yes, the hop mat occupies almost our entire garden, I'm the first to admit that. Hubs dislikes it and I'm softhearted enough to keep repeating how much The Boy dreamed of having one.

So, yes, the garden would be small even without it. But still... It's worth whatever, seeing this boy, my last child, getting to live his dream. We'll just make sure we fit anyway and our relatives will have to squeeze in this summer!

One more jump picture: you see how the boy and the mat belong together?

Like others did, we took the opportunity also, this passed Sunday: we took the bike out in order to teach The Boy. Daddy felt somewhat strained, running so furiously...!

The Boy bicycled here and there, enjoying every moment.

He took a well deserved break at a nearby playground. He loves playgrounds.

Back to it, with mommy this time.

How crazy this is: how hard he finds it to be!

But it sure was a terrific day and time, in our lives. 
Here we are, together, teaching our son to ride his bike. We are the parents, there is no other parent causing trouble - this is it: the two of us. 
I was moved to tears feeling how remarkable life can be. 

There it is again: true happiness can only exist in the absence of fear.
Here lives absence of fear and not a day goes by when I don't love that fact and cherish it.

Here's to life: cheers! 
Soon it's time to celebrate my son's being in the world for 20 years. We're leaving today, going to hop into the car, we'll be putting a DVD on for The Boy and be off. It'll be date time and it'll be a whole lot of fun and I'm feeling like I usually did as a child the evening before Christmas: I can't wait!