Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Funkie, the dog

I love that dog, that's a well known fact. He's my cuddly little friend, my bodyguard and my chaperone (in the sense that my husband may not kiss me too much, or Funkie will step in, leaning on the couch between us as if it was a bar for dogs)!
Lovely times are always being spent with him. I adopted him eight years ago, from Spain, where he was a homeless soul. Bless his little heart.

Since I was the one who adopted him and went to pick him up, together with my oldest son, he loves noone but me. He likes my oldest son a whole lot too and feels affection for hubby but the little baby of the family, he just doesn't like.... That makes the little boy somewhat sad.

This blanket is his snutting blanket and he fetches it when he feels cosy times are coming: when we sit on the couch or it's movie time! He also "snuts" himself to sleep in the evening after he has been put in to his room (the laundry room). If he isn't put in there he'll vander about all night unable to sleep. Things ought to be as things ought to be. Plain and simple.

He should have been in a royal family in the 18th century - can you see the style he has?

He's very good at begging. What dog isn't? He loves pizza, chocolate, grapes and practically everything that we love. As he gets older he gets more shameless and these days he growls if we don't seem to notice him where he hangs in "the bar"...

This passed weekend meant the first lunch in the garden aswell as the first "fika" (coffee, basically) out there. Funkie was thrilled! Now he could guard that area too, from curious birds and loud neighbours. Busy times it was, since the surrounding gardens had both people and animals running around in them. Funkie listened to every sound.

The dog loves the sun. No other way to put it!

He has got my heart in his little paw. I love him dearly and he loves me, probably even deeper. He makes volts seeing me and he is always beside me, whatever I do, where ever I am.
When I'm in the bathtub he sleeps beside the tub, when I'm at work he waits by the door, when I cook he sits and watches in the kitchen and when I watch TV he sleeps under/in front of the couch. I often stamp down my feets at him, by mistake, but after eight years together that hasn't stopped him from his "keeping company".
Of course he's also my loyal jogging companion who loves to jogging with me.
Thank you Funkie for lighting up our lives, you rock my world!

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