Friday, March 11, 2011

The Weekend Thing

The weekend thing is a relatively new ”thing” in our family.
Of course there has always been weekends but this new meaning it has taken on is quite….unique.
Quite new. Our “new” life began when we left our old city in order to move to the south.

We left. I left, and departed from, my hero that is my son, which left a big scar.
We also left my husband’s kids and due to a story (that is my husband’s to share really) equally horrible as mine, they never really got a chance to be comfortable in our home.

We started a new life, a life that is the family we chose, our own choice and we do what we want.
It’s exhillirating really and I didn’t quite get it, to begin with.

It shows the absolute most during the weekends!
“What shall we do today?” we say, then we decide and then we do it. The absence of negativity is significant and that in itself is a miracle, since I thrive on positivity.
A Swedish fabulous author once wrote, in a novel, that “true happiness can only exist in the abscence of fear”. How true. How wonderful true happiness is!
We have no fear or negativity in our lives and we twirl in the feeling, the fact of it.

The workweek is totally filled, all the time. I have the Fantastic Mondays when Johannes and I keep our “Make Believe Friday”, just because it’s so much fun to start the week with a Friday and then end it with a Friday. And because we want to.


Then there comes the weekend…
Come Thursday and I get all bubbly. I start dreaming about the weekend, what we’ll do, about our visit to those great coffee guys, the tulips I’ll buy and the food I’ll cook. We’ll laugh a whole lot and we’ll all share the stories we didn’t have time to share on Tuesday or Wednesday. All three of us always have stories to share in the weekend.
We love sharing them with flare and do so in a way that make the others laugh!
I can almost feel flowers growing out of my chest when I think about our spectacular Saturday mornings when we take all that time to just make the tea, get the toast and then the heavenly taste of that very special Danish marmelade that is really “to die for”. We only ever eat it Saturdays. It’s unbeatable, that time, those feelings.

What can I say? Still need a hot air fan at work...

Did sport the spring shoes though... Bought in New York!

The boy has sun in his face. Sun!

Hubby carrying our brand new grill!

They may dance when it rains in Miami (well, some wonderful people do!) but I danced and hopped of joy when sun slivers softly touched the cheeks, when Johannes and I walked to pre school.

Lunch being had outside!!

The wonder. It’s still hesitating, but it’s just around the corner. The birds sang their praise and the promise that came with that wind was one of fun, fun times ahead.
I’m ready, in fact I can’t wait: bring on the Friday, the free spirit day!!

Until the ocean offers its sweet warmth, this will do fine!

Have a fab weekend!!

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