Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Make believe...

Yesterday it was my turn to pick the boy up from pre school, which I love doing! It means I have to leave work at 3 PM in order to pick the boy up at 5 PM. The boy was a little tired and not in his best mood so I tried my hardest to cheer him up. Eventually I offered popcorn, if he ate his dinner properly... That led the boys' thoughts to his left over saturday candy and he immediately asked if he could have that, also. OK, I said since I knew it was ony 3-4 pieces left.
Towards home we walked, I made a quick really healthy and tasty dinner and during dinner we decided to have a "make believe friday"! The boy picked out a movie, I got the popcorn (daddy was away) and we hit the couch!! We had a lovely (and kind of late) evening and it sure felt exactly like friday. I recommend it. The week needs more fridays...!

.... and so I have to share this pic: looks like I was a role model in multi tasking?! The boy knows how to carpe diem, for sure!

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