Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Full speed ahead!

In my country people go nuts as soon as spring shows its face and they don't stop until snow falls, practically! Why? Because more than half the year is dark and cold and everybody are inside until they're stifled from it almost... So, come lighter days come BBQ!

The man
This is the man who could not not burn what he put on the grill. Nowadays he's the real Alpha Male BBQ:ing like he never did anything else. Quite the achievment, I'd say!

About Soccer
Let me tell you about Soccer in my country: everybody loves it. Folks don't scream their hearts out to the extent that americans do watching Football but in every other way it's practically the same. Soccer is "da shit" around these parts.

The Boy started to play Soccer last summer but quit after a semester as he didn't like getting up extra early in order to go to practice. He also likes being off duty when he's off duty. At home he loves playing Soccer, however. He's been quite good at it since he learned to stand up and I'd say he could kick that ball before he could walk properly.

Looking in
I'm one of those people that get warm hearted looking in through windows when I walk the dog. Not that I'm that curious that I must watch people, it's more that I think it looks so cosy, being in there having a good time together with family, especially during the darkest wintertime. While hubs was trying to read up on the new grill I looked inside, from the garden, and I thought it looked really nice seeing him in there. And that good looking man is my husband: wow!

The Full Moon
They said that the moon was unusually big on Saturday but I didn't notice. I tried photographing it but without much success...

Look at the whiz working that grill!

On Harry Potter
The Boy played Harry Potter flying his broom stick. He loves Harry Potter, like really loves the books, movies and games.

Later in the evening I endulged that son of mine and played some serious Soccer! We went outside the house on the entrance side, on the path, and played like maniacs. We had such a good time, talking, playing and smiling together. How I love that boy and how I feel loved, by that boy.
We were together, outside in the freedom of the spring air and we had so much fun!

I also felt love even later, sitting on the couch with The Husband. A calm evening, pleased with a delightful meal, perfectly BBQ:ed. We hugged, snuggled and had some good wine watching TV together. How lovely it is, feeling all that love inside.

Temperature report: it's getting warmer. At least: un-colder.
It felt quite nice walking home from the train. No need for my "private chauffeur"!

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