Monday, March 7, 2011

Big birds, a little north of their Pelican sisters...

Yes, the geese are who I speak of!
They are indeed grand in every way. This time of year I have come to notice that they follow a certain pattern: in the morning they leave their little cosy area in the middle of our town, where they have a pond and small houses (right next to the monastery from the 1100-something), and head for the fields just behind our neighbourhood. On those fields they spend their day and then they head back to the "city-pond" when sun sets in the early evening.
They make their characteristic sounds and they look beautiful where they fly: free, happy and untaimed!
I love seeing them and I almost always stop just to look and listen.

Why all those comparisons to Miami? you just might wonder!
I love Miami and a lot of things about that city really made an impression and I always long to go there. I also follow a wonderful blog where the blogger lives there, so nowadays I keep getting reminded of what it is I long for: pelicans, the ocean, the palm trees, the colours (above all) and the mode of ease...


Another week has passed. As usual I'll tell the story of it, in all its simplicity, in the days coming.
Life in itself is grand and magic. It is a journey aswell as an adventure. No difference this week.

I think this may have been this year's last layer of snow... I think it suits our house!

Funkie always finds himself near his mother. Looking cute too.

I love this! I bought it at my hair hero's new concept place.

I had the day off, on friday, since I was going to work sunday instead. This meant a long breakfast with son and hubby and we had a great time.

Sometimes enough is enough, when it comes to mom getting pics...

A real and utterly true spring sign, finally showed in the garden. Yippie kay yeah!

Splendid times, being spent with the boy.

My hairdresser told me off: I'm not supposed to wear pony tail any longer since it hurts my hair. So, I sported this new try for a hairdo, going to the wood store. What say you?


  1. Jeg har fått nok av vinter for leeeenge siden, men heldigvis så er det ikke lenge til vi alle kan nyte våren...ser det er liv i hagen min også, er så vidt begynt å komme frem både snøklokker og andre spirer