Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Summer summer summertime"

Rays of light
I sit in a kitchen that is beyond a mess. It is chaos!
I'm right in the middle of the cloakroom renovation and paint job of walls and shelves.
I sit here, pausing, surfing, reading blogs chilling for a few minutes, giving my shoulders a sweet break to recouperate.
That's when it hits me: a ray of light. After a few minutes of renewed snowing, there's a distinct ray of light that keeps hitting me from the left, from the front side of our house. It's the sun!

It mirrors in the lanterns that hang in our only tree and repetedly it tickles my left eye. "Sun kittens" we call the phenomenon in my country and they sure behave like kittens, those rays!
They visit the fridge, the table cloth, the computer screen and lures me into looking out the window, time and time again.

We're still kinda´ busy helping spring out a little tiny bit. I got these good lookers last weekend and they lit the days for us every day, for quite some time. Makes you happy and anticipating.

Yeah, how about that cloakroom? It was hideous! You see the colour?! It also had old old shelves and a scruffy looking cupboard that literally took up the entire area. We threw it out (I did).

Colourful messy days awaited and still awaits. We have hardly started the HUGE hallway job yet...

Don't you just love an entrance that looks like this? So personal, so welcoming. Our unique style.

Well, it's coming along. I have no patience whatsoever, so I have a hard time waiting for layers to dry and stuff like that. It always is worth the wait, of course.

We bought shelves that I painted. The tub fitted superbly as a drying place.

Tadaa! Take a look at this! Highly improved. Since this is the dog's quarters he is equally satisfied!

Now we're talkin´.

Did I ever show you the frames I went on about some weeks ago? That was also work that tried my patience and that turned out nicely.

Back to the rays of light. Here are the three lanterns throwing sun kittens at me. The wind is always jiggy in our town and for a long time now its companion has been cold, chill and freeze. Sun kittens was a welcome change. They feel playful and enthusiastic and give promise. They sure do!

Can you see one there? Right behind my shoulder?

And there's another one!

The morning jog was, as almost always, accompanied by Will Smith's nice up tempo voice. Today it felt like summer, part of the jog, since the sunshine was strong and I was sweaty. Will Smith's song "Summertime" is a favourite of mine because in winter it helps me remember the summer feeling and in summer it simply adds to it... I'm not only up for Friday, I'm up for Summertime!

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