Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting jiggy with it!

The Boy is practically always getting jiggy with it!
After he is being picked up from pre school 'til it's time to hit the sack he's all over, all the time.
The Dog is also keeping busy getting jiggy with it and so am I. I jog, I clean, I try out redecorations, push furniture, take pics, write or jump into a bath.
I throw out stuff, so that hubby can get a little jiggy with it also. He often prefers to not get so jiggy...

So, we keep telling the boy not to put lego in his mouth. Huge pieces like in this photo, isn't so bad but those small arms or even worse: legs, are dangerous to have in the mouth.

Playing with lego is a full time occupation, almost, in this person's case. It is always accompanied by sounds, voices and "brrrssschhhhhh"!

Needless to say it's impossible keeping the living room tidy all the time. That's not even a goal around these parts. Sometimes, though, it's nice to spot the floor.

So, The Boy doesn't care what we say...

Oooops. Did I??

Playing in different outfits is also a whole lot of fun! This one is one of the favourites and here I would guess that he's Jack Sparrow.

Yes, we can see the sun! It's right there, outside in the garden.

Right by the dining furniture actually...

Some kind of red thread in this blog is my love for Miami, the city of all cities, I think. Especially when it comes to having fun and a darn good time. I have been there twice and is aching badly to go back.
Where else on earth would you be able to get jiggy with it, more than in Miami? 
Here's actual proof of my visits! I pose with my mother, in this pic, and I'm 16 I think. This was my first trip and it was instant love. Instant. It feels like a city where anything can, and does, happen.

Can't believe it's thursday again. Already. How the days swooooshes by.
Tomorrow it's sweet friday.....!


  1. What a cutie! Och jag känner så väl igen det där med att inte finna en plätt på golvet tom nog mellan alla legobitar att faktiskt kunna sätta ned foten på... :-)

    Jättegosig kille ni har!

    Varma hälsningar och tack för dina hälsningar hos mig!

  2. I love his creativity!! & that picture of you and your mom is fabulous, what a great keep sake. I wish I was in Miami right now
    And to answer your background I have no swedish background - my father is portuguese :)

  3. Helena: haha jaa! Och så jädrans ont det gör att trampa på lego!! Samtidigt som jag ju, alltför väl, vet hur man saknar den tiden när det är över och förbi...
    Tack för dina snälla ord om vår lille gulleplutt, han är en liten pärla förstås!

    Eva Marie: :-) thanks! Yes, that old photo was recently found and it is a great keep sake, I felt.
    Aha, portuguese, that explains it! Still european, at least!!