Thursday, January 24, 2013

All in, in snow!

It keeps snowing here and keeps feeling like nails in the skin. it's cold, it's freezing and dark. Mid winter is all around and while we all in this country took the Christmas deco away, we hold our breaths until spring takes a tiny first step.
We light our candles and our fireplaces and we also put hats and mittens on and do not talk to neighbors, walking home from school and work - because it's too darn cold to chat!!

Thank goodness for green Ivy and and Buxwood. Everything else is white :-)

Come sun or snow: Mr Funkie walks his area!

It takes a lot getting to feel the scents of his friends...

Mama and dog, a day in life. A day in a winter.

The lack of colours is beautiful, also.

I've always loved snow and cold. It is defining and it is raw and real. There's no compromise: you go all in because there's nothing else to do. If you forget your mittens you freeze a whole lot, to the extent that you won't forget them the next day!!
That's what I like about winter.

Since I miss the Blackbirds's singing a whole lot during autumn and winter, I adore seeing them, at least. They keep visiting us daily <3

So, here we keep facing cold and harshness and doing so, we'll also appreciate summer that much more when she decides to pay us a sought after visit. 
This upcoming weekend we'll finally start redoing The Boy's room. We've been talking about it for almost three years and now it's showtime!!

Have a totally wonderful weekend dearest, sweetest readers here! 
Thanks for stopping by <3

Monday, January 14, 2013

Belated Christmas report!

I know, I'm deadly boring with my slow pace...
Please cut me some slack, since I try to write TWO novels!!! I work as hard and as much as I can...

Having said that (yeah, the novels are coming along nicely, thank you!) - here are finally some x-mas photos for you!

The Boy is a tad bit eager to get the tree finished, since his friends already did theirs!

When I got word that my firstborn and his girlfriend were coming to us
for Christmas, I set my mind on focusing all anticipation on the dates that they'd be here.

We went for fika, downtown ;-)

Total cosiness, December 23:rd.

We had a great moment together, getting to talk and listen. Getting to enjoy each other and that is definately what Chirstmas is all about. Needless to say: I'll never forget this day.

Walking Ystad streets, looking for the very last x-mas gifts.

Festive Santas here and there!!

And the occasional snowman, waving to the people, from up high...

Another moment to treasure: the kiddos making the gingerbread house and decorating it :-)

Hard work too....

Mr Fantastic has the situation under control!

"These are the special times".

Looking in, from outside. 
There's something really cosy about seeing the candles and the being-together, in there.

What a house they made, eh?!

Usually Santa comes, yearly, around 5 PM on December 24:th. This year we had asked him ever so kindly if he could come earlier, since Alexander and his girl were to leave around 4 PM and we all wanted to get and use gifts before that.
Santa is a very kind person - and obliged...
Thank you for that, Santa!

I don't have the slightest idea why my firstborn laughed so hard, at the sight of Santa?! lol

The last born was amused too.

Even the dog liked Santa this year!

All the kiddos smirk at Santa!

Look at his gaze!!

Santa also knew how to play tricks.

On one and all...!

So does this one.

Love is all you need <3

Tasmanian treasured gifts!

And his very own box of chocolates! The joy :-D

My firstborn. How I love him. He warms my soul.

The hubster was sooooo pleased with finally getting his hands on the last season of "West Wing"!

Now this gift was very appreciated - I'm glad it was!

Aren't they just lovely? <3

He loves the tree and the gifts under it.

Mr Funkie was pleased!

"How do I love you?
- Like the sun loves a summer day"
/ Oscar Wilde

Mr Funkie has really accepted Charlene in to our/his pack.
This, my friends, is a slight miracle!

And then the departure all of a sudden comes and with it, my heart clenches up, because a mama wants to be always with her babies. 
Being separated by such a distance is raw and pure pain. I miss my boy daily and my heart is almost torn in to slim thrashes by the heartache of his departure.

Knowing he is loved and that he loves is a good thing and knowing he has a beautiful home is too. Knowing we'll see each other soon again helps also.

But it always almost kills me to say goodbye to him, to my baby, my little boy who I carried in my arms for so many years and who I taught to walk, to ride his bike and to swim and read.
It's like half my brain can't grasp that he is a grown man now.
And at the same time I know it so well and I'm so proud of him. I'm disgustingly proud of him and I know there's nobody like him,  in the whole of the world.

'nuff said.

It's all good.

Now I wish you a great rest of the week!
Treasure those you love and don't forget to say it.