Thursday, January 24, 2013

All in, in snow!

It keeps snowing here and keeps feeling like nails in the skin. it's cold, it's freezing and dark. Mid winter is all around and while we all in this country took the Christmas deco away, we hold our breaths until spring takes a tiny first step.
We light our candles and our fireplaces and we also put hats and mittens on and do not talk to neighbors, walking home from school and work - because it's too darn cold to chat!!

Thank goodness for green Ivy and and Buxwood. Everything else is white :-)

Come sun or snow: Mr Funkie walks his area!

It takes a lot getting to feel the scents of his friends...

Mama and dog, a day in life. A day in a winter.

The lack of colours is beautiful, also.

I've always loved snow and cold. It is defining and it is raw and real. There's no compromise: you go all in because there's nothing else to do. If you forget your mittens you freeze a whole lot, to the extent that you won't forget them the next day!!
That's what I like about winter.

Since I miss the Blackbirds's singing a whole lot during autumn and winter, I adore seeing them, at least. They keep visiting us daily <3

So, here we keep facing cold and harshness and doing so, we'll also appreciate summer that much more when she decides to pay us a sought after visit. 
This upcoming weekend we'll finally start redoing The Boy's room. We've been talking about it for almost three years and now it's showtime!!

Have a totally wonderful weekend dearest, sweetest readers here! 
Thanks for stopping by <3

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