Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weeks consisting of sundays?

It seems like there are only sundays, these days.
I have an overwhelming amount at work and can't keep up the blog as I would wish.

This sunday I prioritized resting, so I have been in bed all day, watching movies. I had to get some work done just now but will continue the resting asap!

Will leave you with the wish of a good, brand new week. Wish myself the very same thing!

OK, a pic from yesterday evening! Meeting childhood friends
is a true blessing and something very special. A grand evening.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday again

The weeks seem to sweep by. Monday, wednesday, friday and sunday. Something like that.
Yesterday I, hubby and son went to have brunch at a very cosy place and going there we passed the church, and graveyard, where my grandparents are buried. So we stopped by them.
Strange to think about that just a few years ago we stood there with my grandfather to say goodbye to grandmother Eva and now all of a sudden they both lay there.

Where are their spirits now, I wonder?
My grandmother was an intense, loud, laughing person with crazy ideas and she loved to get in deep with redecorating, moving, gardening and new projects all the time.
My grandparents loved the danish furniture makers and that love they passed on to me.


Then we had brunch at a lovely place and the day slowly passed in a very peaceful pace.
Hubby and I enjoyed each other's company in the sofa with quite a few glasses of very tasty red wine. I was totally relaxed and chilling and it was needed!


Jogging. I manage to get some jogging done, during the weekends and that is also very relaxing, I think.
I have a lot of stuff floating around in my head that are work related so I love to get in deep in other things. Life things!

Now the boy plays at his best friend's house, the dog sleeps by my feet and the husband just returned from leaving the boy there. The day will consist of jogging, dog walking, cleaning, doing laundry and hopefully being present in every part of the day. Life passes by quickly and I want to be present.

I wish you all a very nice and enjoyable day, this sunday in january year 2011!

The baked thing with whipped cream and a lid on top is a speciality
in this country called "semla"! Very tasty.

My son doesn't to eat semla, however...

You see whay I see?
The snow is melting and people dare step outside again!

Today we enjoyed cookies from the place we had brunch yesterday. 
Yes, carpe diem for sure!

Friday, January 21, 2011

...and another batch of favourite winter photos....

I must take the opprtunity to share some more favourites:

The bird rests on the hop mat.

Pretty snowed in neighbours!!

Our home. The entrance.

The pre school yard isn't playable right now...

This is where I normally wave bye-bye to my son, these days he can't wave here.

The pre school entrance.

The "wave spot" from inside!

It's very very slippery also, these days.
The boy is toughing it out :-)

Out for a dog walk is always interesting and exciting:
will you fall? When will you fall?!!

Our darling dog looks irresistably cute here:
one ear sticking right out. I bet he feels small by this pile of snow..!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our town, wintertime

I just have to show you some more winter favourites, before spring is all around (?!).
I think this town looks quite alright in a cover of snow:

Going down to the beach. The beach houses are pretty in white.

From inside the spa I got a few nice shots of a wintry beach.

Beautiful beach!

Going home

I hope your week is good and enjoyable!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter pics!!

The other day we took the sled and went to our closest slope!
We had a fun time and really felt more like Austria than Scandinavia...

Time for Yours Truly to hit the sled!

Our beloved neighbourhood, this is the way I walk to the train.

Hubby is concentrated...!

The boy loved it!!

Home to play!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Splendid saturday

Of course not everything is all "bliss and splendid", at work there are a few big bites to be bitten....
We're all well and with good, very good, lives so all IS bliss and splendid also. I have no reason to complain.

When I see photage of floodings/drainings and storms life, once again, gets into perspective.

Last weekend we had beloved friends here. My childhood friend J├Ârgen and his wonderful wife Malin and their kids came over (they live nearby) for dinner and we all had a blast. I didn't annoy them with my constant photographing but the day after I snuck a quick photo peak...

Today is a grand day that started with jogging, went on to a visit to the movies' with the son, where we really enjoyed "Megamind". Afterwards we had an early dinner at "our" french restaurant in the city (we're new to this environment, so having an "our"-place at all is great!!) where we're always treated with good service and live jazz music. It's exactly like being in France, so one could say we took a micro vacation this saturday!

The day after had markings of a good evening before!

As the blogger of "My Swenglish home" says:
I'm up for plan B now: let the tulips inside!

Buzz Lightyear was the evening's most popular feature...
People almost got into fights over him!

I must admit that these three colours are my favourite: green, pink and white.
They also remind me of spring.

This cute lantern was a gift from our guests. I love it!
(now you can see why the painting of the hall is next on the list:
it simply has to go white and I think it has to happen this spring)

I love winter and I think our home has a perfect mix of "ski lodge" and coastal feeling, for a home that is both, actually! We're in the north, get loads of snow in the winter and in the summertime it is beach and ocean heaven here. It is as if it was made for BBQ, picnics on the beach and summer life.
Having said that...
I long for spring a little bit. I think that's because I can almost feel it is nosing its way this way. The snow is softly melting now and it's dripping everywhere.
Maybe "My Swenglish home" is right in the chant that we can help it on its way?!

Enjoy your saturday!