Thursday, January 6, 2011

Before I put the yearly sum up...

... up here I'll put my New York pics here, mainly for my own sake: write the NY story while I still remember it!

So a warning is in order: loads of pics will follow...


We visited my Facebook friend Deborah and her husband Michael and stayed with them the for six days. This pic from their street I took when we first arrived.

After getting installed in our rooms, Deborah took us to the Path Train, leading us all to The Big Apple! We passed Abraham Lincoln every day, walking to the train. Sitting on the train our neck hair chilled when we after one minute or so, saw the sky scrapers and the famous, gorgeous skyline of the most wonderful city in the world. Or so we were to find out soon, anyway...

We got off at Union Square, that came to be one of two regular stations for us, traveling from Deb to NY. This very first day at Union Square offered an eco-exhibition. That felt kind of "not USA" but made me glad though!

"Best slice of pizza in Manhattan is served here", Deb said. How right she was!

After a slice of pizza we went on our way; NY was there and we sure were ready to take a huge bite! World Trade Center, or Ground Zero, was the other station that we frequented with the Path Train and this is where we went next. We simply didn't know where to start and it felt like  good place. It was a remarkable feeling standing there, thinking of the tragedy that took place.

Thanks to one of all those service minded people in this country, we soon thereafter found what must be the best shopping mall in NY: "Century 21". Oh, we could easily live there...!

From there we.... simply walked. By then we couldn't possibly imagine just how big Manhattan is. The first days I think we still thought that walking might actually be working quite OK, getting around this city. Hahaha, it's bigger than any person from Scandinavia could understand! The security is rigorous.

The patriotism is strong. Yeah: God bless America!

Traffic Police everywhere, in every street corner. Totally different from where we live.

Without this splendid map we'd be lost and without the marvellous map reading son, I'd be lost!!

Starbucks is a place we always long for, in my country. I enjoyed it many times in NY and it is never far to a Starbucks' place!

Now: what a fab device! You can hold the cup without hand ache. Bring this here PLEASE!

Every new place/square/street and corner offered a new sight to see. This feeling is hard to put into words and it is both tiring and exhillirating. I would love to get that feeling more often in life!

"Wow, this is that Hitch-place!" :-)

Securing every block.

Looking upwards, is an understatement...

I could not ask for a more pleasant travel companion. He steadily kept the map in his pocket, a joke on his tongue and a happy smile that always melts my heart. God bless my son!!

Let me introduce: the bravest, cutest and coolest of this city: the Squirrells!

We had no idea that Broadway was one of the absolute best shopping streets. It's also like a hundred - or thousand - times longer than our main shopping street in my little town. It seemed to go on for ever and walking down from start to end simply isn't possible. We enjoyed it several times.

Broadway in full bloom. And we're walking in our t-shirts, september 28:th! Amazing! We left autumn in Scandinavia and went to summer in New York.

Our "home station". Leave me here at any time and I'll find my way. That is a secure feeling to have in the HUGE busy city.

I don't particularly remember all that much of our first day, since we had been flying for hours in seats you couldn't push back so sleeping wasn't at all in the cards... I'll never forget the wonder of the trip, the joy of my son's company or the heat. It was warm like a sunny vacation in Spain.

We went back with Deborah to her home and managed very well to stay awake. When I laid my head down on the pillow in her home I heard the constant noise of ambulances and police cars ringing (on end) and I was silly enough to wonder how I'd be able to fall asleep! I can tell you that it didn't even take three seconds...

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