Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday again

The weeks seem to sweep by. Monday, wednesday, friday and sunday. Something like that.
Yesterday I, hubby and son went to have brunch at a very cosy place and going there we passed the church, and graveyard, where my grandparents are buried. So we stopped by them.
Strange to think about that just a few years ago we stood there with my grandfather to say goodbye to grandmother Eva and now all of a sudden they both lay there.

Where are their spirits now, I wonder?
My grandmother was an intense, loud, laughing person with crazy ideas and she loved to get in deep with redecorating, moving, gardening and new projects all the time.
My grandparents loved the danish furniture makers and that love they passed on to me.


Then we had brunch at a lovely place and the day slowly passed in a very peaceful pace.
Hubby and I enjoyed each other's company in the sofa with quite a few glasses of very tasty red wine. I was totally relaxed and chilling and it was needed!


Jogging. I manage to get some jogging done, during the weekends and that is also very relaxing, I think.
I have a lot of stuff floating around in my head that are work related so I love to get in deep in other things. Life things!

Now the boy plays at his best friend's house, the dog sleeps by my feet and the husband just returned from leaving the boy there. The day will consist of jogging, dog walking, cleaning, doing laundry and hopefully being present in every part of the day. Life passes by quickly and I want to be present.

I wish you all a very nice and enjoyable day, this sunday in january year 2011!

The baked thing with whipped cream and a lid on top is a speciality
in this country called "semla"! Very tasty.

My son doesn't to eat semla, however...

You see whay I see?
The snow is melting and people dare step outside again!

Today we enjoyed cookies from the place we had brunch yesterday. 
Yes, carpe diem for sure!

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