Saturday, January 15, 2011

Splendid saturday

Of course not everything is all "bliss and splendid", at work there are a few big bites to be bitten....
We're all well and with good, very good, lives so all IS bliss and splendid also. I have no reason to complain.

When I see photage of floodings/drainings and storms life, once again, gets into perspective.

Last weekend we had beloved friends here. My childhood friend J├Ârgen and his wonderful wife Malin and their kids came over (they live nearby) for dinner and we all had a blast. I didn't annoy them with my constant photographing but the day after I snuck a quick photo peak...

Today is a grand day that started with jogging, went on to a visit to the movies' with the son, where we really enjoyed "Megamind". Afterwards we had an early dinner at "our" french restaurant in the city (we're new to this environment, so having an "our"-place at all is great!!) where we're always treated with good service and live jazz music. It's exactly like being in France, so one could say we took a micro vacation this saturday!

The day after had markings of a good evening before!

As the blogger of "My Swenglish home" says:
I'm up for plan B now: let the tulips inside!

Buzz Lightyear was the evening's most popular feature...
People almost got into fights over him!

I must admit that these three colours are my favourite: green, pink and white.
They also remind me of spring.

This cute lantern was a gift from our guests. I love it!
(now you can see why the painting of the hall is next on the list:
it simply has to go white and I think it has to happen this spring)

I love winter and I think our home has a perfect mix of "ski lodge" and coastal feeling, for a home that is both, actually! We're in the north, get loads of snow in the winter and in the summertime it is beach and ocean heaven here. It is as if it was made for BBQ, picnics on the beach and summer life.
Having said that...
I long for spring a little bit. I think that's because I can almost feel it is nosing its way this way. The snow is softly melting now and it's dripping everywhere.
Maybe "My Swenglish home" is right in the chant that we can help it on its way?!

Enjoy your saturday!

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