Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

My Boy started school. I can't believe it.
I've already taken one son through 12 years of school and now: kabaaaam son number two starts and I didn't know what hit me.
We walked to school. I was very touched that The Boy had opted to use big brother's collected Harry Potter-item (he collected everything about Harry Potter when he was a child) - a backpack-schoolbag.

You get the picture: my big boy bought that backpack proud and pleased and ten years later his little brother chooses to use that very bag as schoolbag.
I thought that was it, that day, that was my nostalgic moment.

I was wrong!

It was not easy getting the backpack on...

Off we went.

Feeling excited!

In fact, it was this that got me, brought tears to my eyes:

It may not look it, but this was huge!

There he sat. My Boy! Listening to the principal talking, watching everything with big eyes.

Shaking hands with the principal...

The small class!

Yes, I felt a little ashamed of myself, feeling tears burning. I didn't see it coming and it never occurred to me, that I could react that way.


It was only yesterday he was a baby.
It was only yesterday The Big Boy started school.
Now it was another little boy starting school, walking with a schoolbag.
Last time the boy had brown curly hair and big brown eyes. 
This time the boy had fair curly hair and big blue eyes.

Life is overwhelming.

The hedgehog grounded us, after all the excitement, in the evening.


The Cosy Corner!!

Now, these guys just love this corner!

The "brothers".

What a splendid moment in time.

Love that son of mine.

He's being a good sport!

But often leans over to kidding around :-)

This one would sigh and wonder when the commotion would be over (and the boy gone!).

The new school boy all of a sudden begs to play Monopoly. He LOVES it!

And I enjoy his company and the time I get to spend with him. Fully aware of how time flies...

Oh, yeah, one more. 
For the road:

My boy.


Here we are, trying to adapt to being a "school kind of family" again, with gymnastics bag, log book, homework and what not. The Boy is thrilled, so we're pleased!

Charging for charge time tomorrow.
Have a great day!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lucky 13!

Lucky thirteen!
Last week, Wednesday, hubs and I celebrated having been together for 13 years.
As sometimes I feel that time flies, 13 years is still quite some time.
Thinking of all that has happened during those 13 years, I realize we've lived through more than many do in a lifetime.

We opted to celebrate this blessed event Friday instead. We went to a DIY-BBQ-restaurant we've been wanting to visit for over a year.

In the car, going there, we discovered a little fly on the outside of the window hanging on for dear life, obviously having its heart set on visiting the restaurant right by the beach!

Cute little thing! It made it all the way.

Lucky 13 it is. We're happier together than we've ever been!
If we'd nag, have argumentations more often, during some years, there's practically none of that these last years.
We really know each other very well, nowadays, and we're getting quite good at letting each other be whatever we want and need to be.

Father and son starting a glorious evening.

Well, what say you? Grand in every way and worth waiting for!

I can honestly and safely say that I wouldn't want to have any other husband ever. I love Marcus and I find his company most amusing and stimulating.
Even if I've always joked about him being my "soul stranger", he really is my soulmate. My best friend.
We share the same outlook on life, the values and we have the same drive.

We also complement each other in these ways:

-the obvious: when I'm down, he pulls me up and when he's down I pull him up
-I clean the bathrooms and make the beds and do the dishes, he vacuums, does the laundry and builds fences
-in the areas where he's whimsical, I'm not and vice versa.
Works out very well.

The owner of this restaurant knew what he was doing when he put this swing up...

We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

My precious love.

I can't get enough of seeing that opening between the teeth. Now two more teeth are loose!


What do I love the most, about Marcus?
I love that he can laugh at so many things: himself, his own failures and mine.
I love that he is so very generous with his emotions and that he's always very aware of me and my moods and feelings and needs.
Often he has already realized that something is wrong - or wonderful - before I do so myself. He sees and senses.
I love that he always pours the wine for me, that he keeps telling me many times a day that I'm the most beautiful woman in the world and that he loves me.
I love that with all these things (and more) he makes me feel very loved and he makes me feel very good.
I love being around him and when we're apart I always miss him and his company.
So: thanks hubs!

My vow for the autumn, to be a better wife, will be a good one - he deserves it.

The lovechild.

The mannequin.

The sails.

I love this place. The fact that it only exists june-september doesn't make me appreciate it any less.

We had a fabulous evening here. You know how certain occasions are just a little extra magical and wonderful and special? This was. I think it was due to it being impromptu!

They played music that had a southern Europe feel to it and it felt exotic and vacational.

The crown jewel that is the icing on the cake is our son. He's the miracle and the blessing, he's the huge joy. You see why a celebration was in order?!

I'll carry this memory with me for the rest of my life. 
I may very well forget why we went there and when but I will remember the evening.

Almost like Coconut Groove, Miami...

Lucky 13. Here's to many more!!

Evening sunk over us, ever so slowly.

Our neighborhood.


And now, brace yourself, a lot of instagrams of the whole week....

Well the dog was his usual sweet self...


The playground got some short visits.

The dog his walks.

And: The Boy went to his First Day of School!!!

He was equally happy walking home, Friday, 
after five days in school - good thing!

We still get sunny mornings.

And I still get sunny walks home from the train 9 PM.

The Boy has come to love playing Monopoly.

A painter came and painted our front door, that needed a paint job.

The Boy has carpe diem:ed!

And hubs and I have been romancing!

Laughing at our wild offspring!

We went to see a 3D-movie (and for some shopping!).

Colder evenings arrived, calling for a cape.

And heart warming, to die for, weekend mornings!

 - I guess that concludes: a darn good week in life, has passed!

It's Monday.
I wish you a great week!