Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home sweet home!

Oh, we're back baby! Back in town.
We had a good week in Great Britain, visiting my old childhood friend Lee.

(hope you got the hint in the last post!)

We had a fab and heart warming trip together to the southwest of Britain: Devon and Cornwall.

I have some thousands of photos and I tried real hard selecting a few but I didn't succeed all that well....
Choosing was never a talent of mine. It there's more than two options, I'm in trouble.
I have quite a few for you! Please enjoy :-)

(and this is just day one, mind you!!)

We woke up, day one, and went to buy toys, since we left The Boy's suitcase behind, by mistake. In his suitcase was toys, portable DVD and books...

This is Exeter in Devon.

We knew nothing of Exeter and were pleasantly surprised.

Lee. My friend.

So, what is better than friendship? My friend went out of his way (and wallet) to show my family a great time. I was so touched by it. 

And, even if this blog treasures what's good in life, what's positive and worth rejoicing over I'll be the first to admit that even during this trip, this vacation of mine, very hard and difficult work tasks haunted me and hunted me down, making me sad and distressed. 

I'm not here arguing that all is swell. I too cry sometimes, I too fear and I feel like jumping off the planet.
That's why this very blog was born: to push it aside, to face my fear, to be brave and to allow me to marvel. 
For this is true: every happening become as good or bad as how you face it.

Life is what you make it and I'm adament: I love life. 
I take on every challenge. I won't be beaten. As simple as that.
Head on!

My friend and my son. 
My son regards Lee not only as his friend, but as his good friend.
And that even if they can't speak. They can only play!!

Yes, sometimes The Boy did get tired. Sometimes he did sit down to rest his legs. 
But he would never whine. I was so very proud.

Yeah, I shopped for a new lense. Yihaa!

Capturing my boy was top priority.

They play. A lot.

Well, I don't know.

-This is life!!!
Yeah, my boy said it. He knows what he's talking about.

Well, there's no being sad looking into these love filled eyes!

Lee took us to see some weird formations of lava. They're the highest point of Dartmoor.
You know Dartmoor: The Dog of Baskerville lives there.

Oh, did I mention? Dartmoor is da shit!

We're up for the challenge of climbing that highest point!

My boy thought a cain might come in handy. And wowza - my friend handed him one!

Not only is this child enduring miles and miles of walking, with flare, he's brave too.

Pre final-climb-rest going on. We're about to climb the rock to the right.

Well, there was something of a view...

And the formations were quite something.
Did I mention that we were supposed to climb THIS??!

'Twas steep.

Like really.... steep. 
I had the wrong shoes (even if I did buy them in the big apple - sorry NY) and I held a camera.
It was darn hard managing.

But Boy was it worth it!

High on life. In every sense.

He was up there!!

A stroll, down a hill, in Devon ain't half bad.

Little suns.

Wild horses in Dartmoor. The beauty!

Not wild but... lamas. Go figure!

Weird, cute and above all: OLD towns and villages everywhere. Love it.

I'm not the only one who loves it!

Goes straight into my heart.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" they (who?) say. I agree. 
BUT - hell yeah, there's a BUT - it's how you walk forward that makes you stronger. 
Not just living on, not being killed.

I'm just sayin'.

Sights like these, somehow, make me stronger.

He, for sure, makes me stronger.

Well, and these two...!

We're in Buckfastleigh. My friend lives here nowadays.

It's colorful and it's welcoming.

It's Britain!

Recently I've come to believe that there's no such thing as "chance". Things happen for a reason.
I'll take what scares me and make it the perfect opportunity to become even more brave.

Wish me luck! ;-)

Have a grand rest of the week, sweeties!

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