Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrating Friday!


Yeah, I'll celebrate Friday like it's 1999!
More on Friday later.

Good weekends are contagious and since last weekend was extra exquisite, I want more.
Sunday was:

Watching The Cutest Boy kick boarding!

Love, love, love.

Soft ice cream by the ocean.

The ocean itself.

Inhaling the love of these precious guys!


A boy so mischievous that it shines a long way..!

Really goofing around.

Being inspired by The Boy who so naturally loves life and lives it to the fullest.

Hahaha, my son!

So much to learn from him, my forever sunshine.


Feeling the softness of the wooden pier, hearing the gulls, listening to children's laughter and relaxing, watching the grand ocean filled with shimmer was just what the doctor ordered.
It was simply a splendid way to end the week and there was no question that The Boy loved it!

I can safely say that the only thing that possibly could have been better would have been seeing my oldest son there too. That would have been Nirvana.

The best man in the universe.

And a struggling mom and wife.

This boy could not resist playing with his dad...

A new favorite pic!!!

He's getting big.

He has lost his first tooth! Can you see the empty lot in there?

Another "moment in time". This is what it's like.

... and another one!

We kind of bathed, thinking it might be the last chance this summer.

The fence is coming along and the boy approves here!

Yes, so back to celebrating Friday!
It's here and it's awesome. Ahead of us lay gooooood times: we'll shop for clothes, go to the movies and then just chill together. Snuggle, watch movies on the couch and eat Saturday candy.
Hopefully the fence will be finished and maybe I'll even start painting the upper hallway? It's all just there for the taking, endless possibilities, endless fun....

I wish you a splendid weekend!