Friday, August 12, 2011

"Back in our cosy town!"

Yes, he said it! 
The Boy said it yesterday. We walked from the train home and my precious little gem of a son uttered those very words:
-Oh, we're finally back in our small cosy town!
I got excited hearing it and I got happy, too, that we're now in our small and very cosy little spot on this planet.

So, what's hot since we got home? A lot, actually!
Not only getting really into the nitty gritty of just being back home again but enjoying the contrasts of life (like our little house actually feeling huge, in comparison to the brittish homes we visited!!).


There was also live-TV-making-watching-The Boy's-heroes going on. Let me show you:

Of course The Boy was this happy! 
We're on the set of the making of our country's summer vacation TV-morning show for kids.

We weren't in time - of course - to get the best seats but a fairly good seat where he sat on my lap.

The heroes in the making of producing today's TV show live!!

Lots of pausing going on...

My boy loved it and was as happy as I don't really know what!

One for the life book.

Walking to the train to go home, we realized that out closest city also looks good in the summer.

However fun the journey in the southwest of Britain was, it was a big exhale coming back home. Not only do you digest the journey with all its impressions and happenings (I mean - that scenery, really...!) you look at your home and even your life with a set of brand new eyes.
I wasn't kidding above: coming from my friend's quirky and quite charming house of three floors for three rooms (!) my first thought coming home was "this is a large house!". 
And that was a new feeling, I tell you!

Soft drink for The Boy and coffee for me. In a favorite glass and a favorite mug on a favorite day. With our own home baked cupcakes to go with it. Life has its small rewards.

Some more old frames got a few new layers of paint. Great to find time to do that!

With this old fellow watching from behind those chairs...

Occasional cupcake-begging going on!

Very soon we're off to some more adventure, the last trembling days of my vacation. The Boy and I chose to get ready and warmed up for it by watching "Back to the future III". We both love those movies and number three has the right environment for preparing for what's in store for us...

Yeah, exotic subtitles...

Time being well spent.

I got a summer cold and got stuck on the couch with ample time to photograph my Wii playing boy.

Long time, no grape update. Thery're looking nice!

These days this weather is the best to hope for: sun somewhere behind the clouds.
Allowing me to feel no I-should-lie-in-the-sun stress and just breathe and carry on. Inside.

Jumping out only to capture a sky or two...

Lots of rain and thunder paying us visits.

Bringing beauty.

Something to look forward to
What else, since we got home? We went to my parents-in-law to celebrate my mother-in-law at her birthday. It was a harsh reminder that it was way too long since we visited them and we immediately decided on going for a weekend this autumn. Something to look forward to!

Apart from that, only good-as-gold-randomness:

A boy playing a pirate.

Going to the theatre with my boy. An evening to remember for ever and ever!

A boy asleep in the car going to his grandparents.

A boy trying out his luck as a fisherman, in the tub.
Hot dog time.

I'm all set for that birthday party at the parents-in-law!

Going back home we felt the autumn like wind.

Back home the hubby rested on the couch. Looking goooooood!

Well, "they" know what they're sayin': after rain, sunshine shows.

And a grape or two grows...

I and my son enjoy a "fika" (cup of coffee, coke, chocolate balls) at a coffee place.

The dog snuts his blanket. He only does that when ALL is very well indeed!

Warmer & brighter
The dog! How could I forget to report on the dog's happiness when we picked him up at the dog hotel? I stood in there, talking with the owner for quite some time, being updated on his well doing, there. All of a sudden a little face showed, with the ears folded out, as if thinking: 
"Oh, my gosh that almost sounds like...." 
And then overwhelmed joy! My dog was so pleased being picked up, going back home. And my heart got that instant warm thrilled feeling being with him, like if the world is all of a sudden a little warmer and brighter.
And, of course, it is. All that love he pours out and generously offers is without disguise and unmodified. It's pure and natural and as simple as all love.

Have a fab weekend!

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