Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The last full day of loveliness!

The loveliness in the art of snutting
He lies beside me, between Marcus and I.
I lie on the edge of the bed.
His little hand searches for my hair, finds it and snuts it for a few seconds.
Then he lets go of my hair, only to find it again a while later.

He only snuts for a short while, these days, and the occasions get more rare.

The lady I met on a bus about five years ago was right when she told me I'd one day miss the snutting.
Back then I found it hard to believe, since he snutted my scalp into a burning fire every day, many times a day. But she was right: I treasure the snutting moments immensely. 
I don't want him to stop.

During vacations when we often sleep full nights in the same bed, there's a little bit more snutting going on. There was no exception at this trip. 

We happened upon a "pirate" ship in Charlestown!

This lad loves Cornish ice cream.

The last full day with our friend had a suitable calmness to it, it breathed of "the last day" all day.

He sure was - a whole trip with no whining or complaining, despite very long steep walks.

Well, I don't speak english...

My boy loves the ocean as much as I do.

Off to more rock adventure!

In awe of those black cliffs.

Lagoon feeling.

The tide is awesome and thrilling and exciting!!

Heart & soul-matters
Today, writing this, is one of very few - if not the only - day of doing nothing at this vacation. 
Mind you, it's the kind of "doing nothing" that means "really busy doing nothing". The kind of busy that makes you exhausted. Exhausted in a good way, the way that you feel that you've really connected with your child and given and received stuff for the heart and soul.

Good to get to load up some of that stuff during the vacation!

Tenacious in the fish-feeding process.

Playing with a real genuine Cornishman. 
A friend of Lee's family.

Back to the ship. The Boy LOVED it!

Somehow it looks like he belongs there..!

On to Mevagissey. Cute harbor.

All in the choosing
It was so good getting to drive around looking at new places, that we decided to prioritize that over other things the upcoming years. 
I know for a fact that you only get to keep your children with you in your home for such a short while that it's a good idea - better idea - to travel while they're there than just saving every coin for a bigger and detached house. 
So, that's what we'll prioritize. Feels great to have agreed on that!

This harbor office I adore. I'd like to live in it - it's that cute, I think.

Great seeing things for the first time. Refreshing!

A little bit over the top...

Well, still waters sure run deep...

There's no proper way to bid farewell to such loveliness. But we had to go.

We bought fudge to our helpful neighbors that took care of our mailbox and that got to wrap up the last full day. Together with some wine on the couch, watching a horror movie!

The next day we were in for 14-15 hours of traveling, going home.

How shall I conclude this vacation and this post? 
Life throws you surprises and challenges you never could dream of. In my life I've come upon three huge challenges (so far) that definately seemed too huge, too steep, too horrible to manage. Two of them I've managed and checked off my list. Those two defined me, for sure, and changed my whole personality and outlook on life. Those two demanded me to manage many and long couragous happenings that I didn't "want" to manage or even try but had no choice.
The third one is the one I'm right in the middle of now.
Same pattern: to steep, too horrible and defining. I'm changing as we speak and I'm working on it around the clock. I'm turning into something of a master of braving things I dare not do....

It resembles all our steep walks during this vacation. One thought it would be too high, too far or too hard (or too hot, for that matter) but we did it, over and over again.

Isn't that what they call courage? I think so!

Wednesday has come. Have a good Wednesday and Thursday, folks!

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