Friday, August 5, 2011

I *heart* Falmouth!

[warning: extra long post!]

Memory Lane
So, the Memory Lane pics a few days ago were referring to Falmouth in southwest Britain.

I went to Falmouth in 1985 and 1986 for language studies (and fun!)  and since I made a good friend there (Lee) I also went back in 1988 to stay with him and his family just after Christmas.

Since then, only longing.
Longing like in surfing in to the Falmouth site looking for photos, regarding hotels and dreaming of going back.

This week I went back.
Imagine the Memory Lane, imagine the joy!

We spent the last four nights in Lee's late father's house in St Austell.
The pond was gorgeous!

I happen to love Falmouth. Like really-really love it!

Some kind of home
Apart from the obvious, that it's a beautiful coastal town with friendly people, it's "home" in a weird sense. 
I spent important times here, I fell in love with the english language here and I got to know my dearest friend whom I was to write, and receive, letters with/from for years to come.
Nowadays we Skype and Facebook.
But I still call him every year on Christmas Day, on the regular phone. Just because it's tradition.


The Boy and Marcus had never been here before, 
so they got to experience Falmouth for the very first time. That is a special feeling.

It's apparently not only easy to fall in love with Falmouth, it's also easy to fall in love in Falmouth!
The white dog was smitten.

And so was this. His mom had a shop there and he walked around freely and friendly!

Lovesick :-) (and very cute!)

What's with all this talk of Bucket lists?
Do I go on about Bucket lists? Sorry.
I don't know if Falmouth is on yours or if it should be,  but it was on mine - to go back, I mean - and it's so good to have one off a Bucket list! Makes you feel very good about life.

My boy had a veggie ice cream and didn't care for it much.

Daddy's glasses have always glowed with a special shimmer, for The Boy!

This pier was one of my strongest memories. I actually felt like stepping into a dream, walking out on it!

The seagulls were loud and active and never let you forget you're in their coastal town.

My son felt comfortable in this town. 
Being such a coastal type, there's no wonder.

He was such a good sport all the time, so he deserved getting some treats sometimes!

Some small treats here and there...

Everybody with a ship wanted to get out there this day. The wind was perfect, the sun put a shimmer on the ocean and the wind was caressing your cheek ever so softly. 
Maybe that's what caused our boy suggest that we'd buy a ship?!

Apparently fishing is at its best when the tide is in. 
This tide-thing is intriguing, we don't see that in our country.

Easily loved place.

My friend was homesick, so he enjoyed going back also.

The Boy and The Friend goofing around, joking.

The Boy sure did enjoy going for vacation.

I love him so very much. He's all good for me.

Some kid's stuff on the beach!!

Swanpool beach is purely wonderful. I remember loving it as a teenager.
I also remember getting horribly burned in the sun here, as a teenager....!

Tempting color aswell as temperature.

I've lost count... could it be the fifth place, so far, I could stay at forever?!

He decided to bathe even though he didn't bring any bathing shorts.

Playing with seagrass!

Watching him being happy is really something.

He loves being in the ocean, playing.

About to get even...

It was touching seeing him being so pleased, being "on vacation"!

Someone needed this vacation a lot.

So very good, so much like a soft place to fall.

At this spot, 26 years ago Lee, I and his friend and my friend met up for a group outing.
2011 I'm here again, with Lee. We're 40 now, we were 14 then...

Time & life
Walking around where I hadn't been for over 20 years got me thinking about time and life. 

First of all: I couldn't comprehend it had been over twenty years, that was impossible to grasp. Where on earth did all those years go?

If I had been told then what I would live through the coming 20 years, what would I have thought? 
What would have done? 
I can tell you, I didn't come up with an answer walking there. I still have no answer for that question.

The new lens delivers, big time! 
Look at the sun light coming through the right way.

Helford Passage is a place on earth that I'm now in love with.
Is it Bucket list-material? Without a doubt! 
It was a first, for me, and I will go back.

At this place I felt untouchable, unreachable and at peace. I felt nothing but love.

I even think it shows in my eyes?

Skimming after dinner is GOOD!

The Boy, skimming in to the pink sunset. What a magical evening!

Sorry for this long post. I thought of ways to divide it, shorten it or changing it but came up result-less. It wants to be this way, so therefore it is.
Congrats if you read it all! This day was one for the books for me.

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