Thursday, August 4, 2011

Grrrrreat times!

Yeah, of course there were loads of great times also, on this trip.
Since every day is My Favorite Day, I focus on as many Favorite Day-moments as possible and Great Britain delivered!

Day 2.
Letting the photos do the talking:

A summer day could get a worse start for sure!

My boys played in the car and tried out some of Lee's hats... Looking good while doing it too!

Nothing ever looked sweeter!

(no, not even this)
We went ahead to Totnes.

Oooooold british towns are remarkable every time.

Feeling fab and cosy here. 
Like the world could move on around me, I don't care!

The Boy plays hide and seek with my friend.

Back in the AC-less van...

Some places in the world are a little more beautiful than other beautiful places. 
I feel happy at those, feeling I oughtn't go back home at all ;-) 
Beauty makes me happy. Plain and simple.

Start Point Bay was such a place. A long (hot) walk with a breathtaking view lead us to a bright white lighthouse, to drop over dead for!
This lighthouse you can book for a week, if you want. Guess if I'd like that?!

The little village or collection of houses is called Start Bay. The rest of the village went under water many many years ago.

Would you look at that color of the ocean?!! Grand, I'd say.

If I was a bird I'd fly right down there, this very instant, and bathe...!
LOVE turquoise water.

You see how very well I fit in here! 
Maybe there's a job opening as a guide?

I was so impressed with my boy, 'cuz this walk was not only long it was super hot.
He even marveled at the view!

See? Long walk.

Playing. That son of mine, what a boy!

The Hubster.

Go ahead: put this place at your Bucket list. Now!

Love this place. One can find good food for thoughts here.

A moment of romance.

It's good getting to spend quality time together. I believe in quality time.

Kind of cute family. If I may say so...?

Lee offered to carry The Boy, walking back.

The Boy was pleased and happy about it.

Bucket list, I tell ya!

The same evening we left Buckfastleigh in order to head for St Austell.
Going there we saw the cutest dog waiting in line for a toilet ;-)

I sure am reminded why I blog here, in this way, creating this post. 
I relive my Bucket list-places, I refeel the joy, I remember the laughter. 
Heck, I even relive the heat! 

I get to cherish the moments again, almost as much as I did experiencing them. I focus on good stuff, heart warming stuff and nothing else when I blog.

It's ALL good.

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