Monday, August 1, 2011


Life to live out there NOW!
Yeah, you heard me - I gotta go out there right now and live some! It's wanting me, big time, this thing called life. I have very little time to get this post going....

So, I finally gave in and started using 
My first try was this pic...

It was perfect for giving this surf moment its nostalgic touch!

In a short while you'll understand what my hurry is about and until then I'll keep you guessing ;-)

It's a good feeling - even if I love my blog - that I hardly have time to sit here and update. And it's not due to work at all, it's due to life needing me, family needing me and me needing me to do something totally different! 
Just for a while...

I give you: The Dog. With a brand new haircut!

And as always, come rain or shine, come winter or summer - foam baths!!!

And as always, I'll be visited by son and dog.

If it smells and sounds like summer?
Well, it smells like summer, sounds like summer and looks like summer, I guess it must be summer?!
The Blackbird still amazes me with the nirvana-perfect singing and this morning I stepped outside in to our messy garden and I heard the Blackbird singing and felt the sun's rays touch my face.
I tell you: instant joy.

He loves our garden just as much as we do.
I guess that's why he feels compelled to guard it like a castle?

Semi-resting... keeping an eye open!

Pearling was on our laundry list!!

Digging was on hub's laundry list.

Only two more to go, then we'll fence like there's no tomorrow!

Memory Lane. For some purpose. 
This is me on my first visit to Falmouth, Cornwall, England. 

This is me and my best friend, the last time I visited Falmouth, Cornwall, England.

Adventure ahead.
Writing this I harbor butterflies in my stomach. I feel intense (which I love feeling) and I feel alive. 
Very much so. We'll have an exciting day today and we'll have so much fun. We're all giggly and we're all jumping around eagerly, happily and those are the very best times, I think.

We're in for a wonderful day. I can't wait to share the story and the photos with you!

Me, out photographing the storm. 
I had some trouble keeping my dress in place!


  1. It's a lot of fun isn't it? Your dog is so cute and photogenic! It looks like you're all making the most of summer.

  2. Love these photos!!! I am a bit obsessed with instagram! :)

  3. I love the fact that Life is calling you.. it's so true. I get that feeling so often. I love that your son is surfing in the bathtub. I love that!!

    and the picture of you photographing the storm is wonderful.

    Live Life mama we will be here waiting

  4. Hazel: of course it's fun! Love it :-) Thanks for liking my dog - we're all crazy for our dogs, right?!!! My dog thinks he's just as big as yours ;-D

    Shirley: instagram IS fun! What's your instagram-name? I'd like to follow you!

    Eva Marie: I agree, life calls us. I can't answer quite as often as I'd like, sometimes... Thanks for your kind words <3
    Oh, I'm happy you are here waiting, wouldn't be as much fun blogging otherwise :-)