Friday, July 29, 2011

Some "just being"!

Nothing "just" about "just being"
So, "just being" is sought after by me and has proven hard to get. On short occasions I feel tremendously just beingly, sitting on the couch hearing some jolly uptempo music on TV, just unplanned and unexpected.

Unexpected was the comfort of the mattresses I carried down in order to let the whole family rest in the living room at the same time. I ended up lying there and soon both dog and son joined...

Darling cuties joining me sure was restful and heart warming.

I am here, somewhere way down!


Moving from calmness...

Indoor activity number one: trying out the surf board in the tub. 
What else to do when the beach is no object?!!

There has been quite some rain lately and loads of those pensive skies. We've been inventing all sorts of indoor activities. 
There has been memory playing, pearling, TV-gaming, dancing, baking and cleaning to music big brother liked, back in the nineties when he was The Boy's age.
I can guarantee that The Boy is darn cute, dancing to big bro's old CD:s...

Summer fun in water in the tub!

-Pig surfer, The Boy proclaimed!!
I guess a pig was never closer to a shark?

Those mattresses where left downstairs for hours. Much to the dog's delight.

He even fetched his snutting blanket - it was that cosy!

Yes, even the dog needs to have some fun during vacation...

Serious business.

That dog, he knows how to have fun!


Another way of having fun while kind of just being, is to meet relatives and loved ones you really don't get to see that often. 
When we moved south, we moved even further away from my beloved cousin Charlotte, than before. We used to see each other 3-4 times a year, now it's not even once a year. So far. 
Hopefully we'll get better at this new distance.

They passed our town and we managed to catch dinner at the best restaurant in town!

Warm, loving moment that for sure was invigorating for me.

Our dear, precious husbands. They make all the difference!

Their firstborn.

Their secondborn - our Goddaughter!

The second cousins having some fun.

Late night fun outside the restaurant!!

Healing just seeing them all, lighting up with happiness and laughter!

Their friends' boy got into it too.

Happy times
Happy times, I guess, like really genuine loving-for-real-being-yourself-kind-of happy, is every bit as refreshing as just being. 
I'm trying my hardest to make the as many moments as possible as happy as possible. That really ought to be the only meaning there is?

Have a terrific weekend, all of you precious and happy and wonderful people out there, that I really enjoy the company of. Via blogs or IRL doesn't matter - you all make me feel a little happier every week!
For that I thank you.


  1. Your dog is too cute - I want him!

    Andrea x

  2. Andrea Reh: ohh, thanks a bunch!!!!!! :-)