Friday, July 8, 2011

Our life, our adventure!

Before I write another word, I'll complain - just for a second - about my misfortune: my squashed finger! I squashed it in a heavy door at work and it hurts like nothing else. I actually had to go to the ER with it 'cuz the thing hurt so darn much I cried, trying to go to sleep....

Having said that, no one will be surprised if photos speak louder than words in this blog post, I suppose eh?!!

The famous finger in all its glory, by my old iPhone, by left hand...

Yes, it is an adventure, this life, and our life is our adventure.
We live and laugh, we work and rest and we love a whole lot. We discover places and emotions, sorrow and marvel and we keep learning a lot, whether it's by mistakes (yeah, you know like a squashed finger) that we make or successes we manage.

The beach keeps bringing us something new each time.

Last time it was coffee for us and ice cream for The Boy (and the hubby got a taste).


Last day of...
I'm not crazy about "last day of" and I never have been. Neither is The Boy. Last day of pre school is coming right up and he loves his pre school. I love it, hey even hubs loves it! How on earth will we cope?

I am crazy about shimmer though.

And The Boy. The totally precious one.

I'd pick the moon up, for him, if I could. 

The beast and the beauty? I reckon! My allergies are definately getting the better of me here.

(Don't you just love the elderly couple holding hands in the background, here?)

Bottom line is security. I so wanted my boy to have it and he does. The pre school teachers said it from day one:
-He's so secure, with a solid self asteem.
So, we're certain he'll manage the shift from pre school to school.

He's got every right to be nervous about it of course. I remember my first day of school, I walked there with a plaid new school bag, very nervous and very shy. I loved it, however, from the first minute!

Our wonderful beach days are important parts of our big adventure together.

Time to catch the waves with the cam.

Uh-ohh... a bit on the chilly side.

A moment to keep in my mind and memory forever. Loving that man.

Walking behind my son, capturing his footprints in the sand. A carpe diem moment too!

A new all time favorite picture. Must frame it!

So, you can't take charge over life, it lives in its own right. 
What was supposed to be my last two days of work - at work - prior to the vacation (of five weeks!), turned into two days of working some from home and lying with finger-pain on the couch watching "Midsomer Murders/Barnaby" some, on TV.

Today, Friday, is The Boy's very last day of pre school and he will cherish it and capture it.  I can already tell this is a trait that comes with the blood: being able to take a moment and really live it.

I wish everyone a splendid weekend!
We'll have our dearest friends over for the weekend, so we can't wait.

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