Saturday, July 2, 2011

Larger than life

I've had quite a few moments recently where I simply enjoy immensely, that way that I'm so high on life nothing will ever be able to bring me down ever again!

Walking home from the train, after work, a late June evening, listening to birds singing, tourists talking about what restaurant to pick and kids playing tennis outside, for example, is quite enjoyable.
The same walk I saw young couples in love bicycling, giving each other rides and other young couples that got off their bikes in order to lie in the grass talking, looking infatuated.

I also had the opportunity to stop in a park and get my nose up high among roses and just breathe in, sun in my face even though it's 21 PM. Heaven!

Rape fields, seen from the train, in their second blooming (iPhone pic).

The park I walk through (not during dark winter evenings), walking home from the train.
(iPhone pic)

Roses to stick your nose up in! (iPhone pic)

Me! Enjoying. (iPhone pic)

The Dog, Funkie, and I out for an evening jog where absolutely everything is swell!!
(iPhone pic)

Loving the sky. Of course. How could you not? (iPhone pic)

Another day I worked from home, sitting in the garden writing, listening to music from the fifties.
I then felt life in every part and fibre of me. Intensely present, alive.
Glancing to the right there was my new plant-table with the garden hat sitting on top of it, looking to my left there's my dog chilling in the shade.
I wish more work days could be like that!
And I cherish the work day that actually was just like that. How lucky am I?!

Picking The Boy up early
I also got to pick The Boy up early one day to both our delight!
The goodness - it never ends, these days, hence and I sure know to capture it all and share or pass on, rather, my thrill to you.

Beautiful time of year in a beautiful part of the country.

Me, excited to be alive (and in this pic thrilled to be almost home!)

The garden offers my favorite colors.

And how about those sunsets? The master bedroom sure is perfectly situated.

Funkie lies in the middle: dad on one side and mom on the other.

Running through the sprinkler
The simplest things are often the best. We're desperately lacking a pool - and believe me I've tried, I've lobbied for a spa pool or even a bathtub (!) in that tiny place but the husband is stern, there will be no such thing - however I'm not going to be taken down by that mere fact. 
We'll just have to get chilled down in the sprinkler instead.
And that is so much fun that a pool couldn't possible be more exciting!!

This was new to the dog, so he got caught up right in the middle of the sprinkler when it started.
He didn't like it...

Glorious time.

Once again I'm a little late with the post, so now the weekend has started here. 
I'm back from jogging and now my husband has gotten out of bed after a serious sleep-in, so now he fixes us all breakfast.
Life is sweet! Have a good weekend!

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