Friday, July 22, 2011

My favorite day

[it starts now...]

The Boy's favorite day
If my boy had a say in it, he would definately have said, Wednesday, that it was his favorite day!
It sure was mine. 
It was The Boy's sixth birthday and it was glorious and wonderful in all its imperfection, impromptuness and simplicity.
Wow, that's a sentence for ya!

"My favorite day" as a concept almost, a feeling and a way of life is what I live, and try to live, every day. That it could be a way of life I knew -  but to call it that and regard it like that as actually being a favorite day everyday is definately inspired by one of my favorite bloggers: Kelle. Check her wonderful attitude out, here!

Loosing track... Back to business.
The Boy turned 6. 6!!! as I always say: I can't believe it and I cannot believe how fast time rushes. I honestly feel like he was a baby just recently.

Six candles. Oh, my gosh....

He was actually asleep. We never would have dared hope for that!!

And The Boy sure managed blowing out all those six candles.

It is a pirate kind of summer here, you see!

The game that was sold out in our town, the nearby towns and almost
everywhere, we managed to find in the very last minute..!

Thank heaven for that!

it was, in the sense that it happened not to be a day totally in the boy's interest, since we had to catch an opportunity to go fetch some timber. However, The Boy never complained but played happily and ran around.
it was, 'cuz the opportunity came with short notice and most of our plans for the day got rejected. Still: nothing but singing from The Boy!
it was 'cuz The Boy didn't want any cake (I who had my heart set on strawberry shortcake!) and couldn't order the dinner of his choice, since he got his first loose tooth the day before and pizza was the next best tooth-friendly choice.
The day went on like that: happiness, oh-oh what happens now? Oh, OK let's go. Oh, OK let's rethink.... and on just like that.



My favorite day.

Seeing and listening to him playing with lego is always wonderful and always makes my days favorite days. No difference on his birthday. My favorite day, and his.

Gramps came with a pattern adjusted fitting of the wrapping paper. 
It is a big deal with the gift to a six year old!

The beach crazed boy was very pleased with the gift!

Grandfather and grandson looking at the lego.

A favorite day!

So, what is this being six years old? 
It is never ever being still and always running around. It is talking non stop, singing, dancing, balancing, laughing, trying the boundaries and jumping.

The day started out with a cupcake with six candles in it and presents, a granddad coming with some more gifts and then we all took off to buy timber for the fence.

We drained ourselves totally on that trip so we all just slept for a few hours and then my father got us pizzas and we were just lazy on the sofa together.
The kind of lazy togetherness that is simple and great, being able to share.
The Boy liked it and remarked on how good his birthday was. 

I think that simply being together, doing things is very enjoyable for all. When we all clean the house together we're all cheerful and whenever we do stuff when gramps is here, The Boy is always cheerful!

Of course for him getting the Jack Sparrow-lego and Jack Sparrow-Wii game and the surf board - and the fact that he's now 6 with a tooth loose - goes all the way as far as happiness is concerned.

Going to buy timber. Watching a pirate movie in the car. Quite OK.

Daddy has been a bit reluctant, all the way, as far as fence building goes.
So, one has to conclude that he (or is it me?) has come a long way...

My dad likes to lend a helping hand.

When dad disappeared for about 45 minutes, it was not a favorite moment however...

Playing Jack Sparrow, on arrival home, was an improvement. 

On the grand ship, the Black Pearl.

We invited my father along to our favorite place.

My father is very unscandinavian and very american, in the sense that he speaks to strangers whenever he feels like it. He loves getting the story of a stranger and thrives on it afterwards.

The Boy always makes himself at home, over at Morten's and Anders' place.

The best times are the ones being spent together with loved ones.

My favorite day came and went and The Boy has now started to long for Christmas. 
It's perfectly natural. 
Today is another favorite day when one of my dearest girlfriends is coming to stay for the weekend. 

Realizing that all those favorite days line up behind us and ahead of us is something of a revolution to me. So many favorite days, so many reasons to rejoice! 

Those dreaded days (that there actually are, too, in life) gets a little easier to wrap your mind around when you realize that all the other ones are favorite days. Heck, even the dreaded ones are favorites - as soon as the dreaded moments are over...!

Have a favorite weekend all ot you out there!

[yes, it starts now, I vow to be in my Favorite Day every day, regardless. This is not a July resolution or a summer resolution, this is a life resolution. I challenge you to get in the program with me, it is LIFE!]


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! And I'm with you on everyday is a favorite day - it is all what we make of it. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Thanks and thanks :-D
    Yes, it is grand really getting it - that it is what we make of it ALL the time!
    I hope you have a terrific weekend too!