Monday, July 11, 2011


So, it's time for vacation! I can't believe it, it seemed like forever before it would actually be time.
Still... I usually talk about how fast time passes but that last week of work before vacation was slow.

We had another thunder storm last week.

Love of thunder
I love watching a thunder storm arriving and I feel almost like a child at New Year's, waiting for the fireworks to start lighting up the sky. 
When will it arrive, how will it be? It's fascinating and exciting. Running outside with the camera, hubby sometimes finds it too exciting and gets worried as to how this will turn out - my running out whenever lightning strikes...!

It's crystal clear: this sky is worth running out for.


Times, they are a changing ...
I go on and on about how times change and quickly too. 
At the same time it seems like nothing changes, like how hubs and I seem to debate the same issues forever (! - like in what order to renovate or cut down the hedge and in what pace) and The Boy keeps building his marvelous lego constructions over and over again.
While I also know, of course, that all of a sudden he won't be building them at all any longer.

I got hubs to start the cutting. One step a a time..

We all felt like stepping outside and cheer daddy on!

The Boy took up some very fun water-and-toys-games...

Hubs got some unexpected help from a neighbor.

It turned out to be a totally perfect day together, where we played, joked and enjoyed!

Needless to say, he had immensely good times in the garden that day!!

And I managed to lure my husband into actually start thinking about getting rid of parts of the hedge... Who'd have thought I'd be so darn successful?

A total mess...

A mourner who was locked away from all that fun.


A home
Home is where the heart is, they say, and I am convinced they're right.  My heart lives here and I blossom every day in the presence of my family and my lovely coastal town. I may long for a totally detached house but our attached house delivers, big time. 
After rearranging the furniture in the living room we got a brand new and more welcoming feel and also an airier feeling and more space. Now instead of facing the TV, sitting on the couch, we face the two chairs on the other side of the coffee table and that is absolutely more cosy and more social.
I'm very satisfied.

The Boy is a little less satisfied with the rearranging of the sofa, 
he finds it a little more difficult to sit comfortably playing his video games...
(you can't win them all)


Since we are in a process of changing things in the garden also, 
I here present you of a "right now" pic!


So, it came and passed
The last day of pre school has come and gone.
Yes, it was sad and yes, I cried a little bit. And no, The Boy doesn't want to stop going there but he has to. There it is. 
There it is indeed: life. There's no explaining it really and I could only tell him that life goes on and moves on, as simple as that.
We ended in style, though, and got a very nice and memorable last day.

Playing wildly with the dear pre school friends.

Cinnamon buns and coffee in the pre school garden: good times for sure!

Good things that stay the same ...
We have each other and that's all we need. That will never end or move on and change. Change is good, I love change but things that stay the same are also good. Certain things need to stay the same. 

I love that the sun always shines so nicely in the front side of our garden and into our kitchen during the evenings when I cook for my family. 
The same way I love the fact that the sun greets us in the back side of the garden in the mornings, right when we're up for breakfast! Those things needn't change and those things I really love about our home.

It's Monday again but no ordinary Monday. I have five weeks off and will spend every minute with my family. Lucky me!

Have a great week, all of you out there!

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