Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacation week no 2 starts!

Randomness is gooooooooooood!
Mario Kart at Wii, raspberry picking at The Boy's most precious pre school teacher-sweetheart's, cupcake-baking, jogging, wine drinking, ice cream-eating, dog-cuddling, music-listening, couch-lying.... I suppose the list could go on!

Yes, I'm starting to feel it, finally, just a little.

This is hopefully the last evidence of my darn finger: it's still dark black but not all that swollen.

The role model
Isn't it very touching: the hubs wore earphones, digging, so the boy immediately searched and found his own. Trying to be like daddy. Made my heart very warm and extra loving!
We are always role models, no matter what we do or how we feel. These little cute ones look up to us regardless of moods or energy level.

My firstborn had no daddy to look up to, so I played mom and dad in that case (and I never cease to be in awe at how well I managed to do so, seeing that young man now, all successful!) and my secondborn looks up to his dad first.
But he sure is a mama's boy, so I'm not left wanting!

It's turning out be quite social, for the husband, to be out there digging. All close living men have now stopped by. And some ladies to, come to think of it.

There are few things better than "fika" in the garden, during summer.

The trump up the sleeve...
Well, don't you know it - there's a trump up the sleeve for The Boy!
It turns out that his most loved and adored pre school teacher Lou has a grand raspberry plantation at her farm and we were invited to come and pick raspberries. The crazy happiness when The Boy realized he could actually see her again!

So, we were off there, one day this week, and she wasn't home...
Yes, you can imagine the sorrow.
I'm happy to say that we've now gotten her mobile number and will call in advance next time. 
So, I guess yet again that all is well that ends well?!!

Sweet heaven!

-Tasting is a big part of the experience, Marcus exclaimed.

It sure looked like it was!

Precious darlings!

Coastline of miles of beaches
Vi live in a coastal paradise, a small piece of heaven. Tourists invade to take rides on the old firefighter vehicle and the little train and they come to love the beaches around here. These beaches are voted best beaches in the country every year, and we're right here!

I've realized that this place is more "New England" than "Miami" and I can dig it!
Maybe it's time even for us to enjoy this coastal gem now that vacation's here, eh?

Said and done: we went out for the best pizzas in town the other night.

It was doubtless vacational...

I'm guessing my Marcus felt the romantic vibe of the rose I was hoping to get a good shot at?!

Baking going on! What better to do with all those raspberries, than cupcakes?

And these go to show that I need better cups to put the cupcakes in!!!! They were all over the plate.

But they got to us all, in the end.

Playing Wii. He finally got into it after my begging for years....

He's smiling when he's winning :-)

The rain sure did come back another day.

We took the opportunity to go fence-looking...

And some other stuff, that was going on...

IKEA is unbeatable for coffee and cinnamon buns. And kitchen dreams.

"I know: I'll scare daddy when he gets back"!

"He's coming!!"

It's crystal clear that you have no more fun than you create. The Boy is grand at finding things to do and so - must I say - am I! I've dragged furniture around in both the living room and The Boy's room and they're both benefitting from it and I'm extatic! 

Wanna hear something crazy? Something "she sure does need her vacation time"-kind of crazy?
My sweet friend that was coming last Friday wasn't at all coming last Friday. She's booked for this upcoming Friday.
What did I say? I need it, I sure do need it!

Have a perfect week, all of youse!
Over here there are guests lined up, ready to visit us, The Boy's birthday is coming up and some other fun things. Little things like that (not)!!


  1. Those raspberry pictures are fabulous!! Makes me want to just grab one out of the picture!

  2. :-) And yet they tasted even better!! They were so sweet and wonderful, melted in the mouth!