Monday, July 25, 2011

Life goes on...

I find it hard blogging so soon after the terror attack but will do so, in honor of life and the lives of the sweet young people who became victims of evil.

The nature still brings beauty. Life moves on.

We had some very treasured friends (some of the very best) over a few days ago and looking back, at the pictures, now I must admit that I'm extra appreciative and thankful that they're alive, with us, in my life.
It is shocking realizing how fast it can all change.

The newly infatuated two...

Some beloved husbands enjoying spirited conversation.

We made this evening one to remember. It's treasured in my heart.

The cute kiddos with their beloved iPads...! Can't believe how all kids master them?!!

Long time friends. Good friends.

Tremendous amounts of laughter and happiness, my gosh!

Vacation mode?
There's practically none of the vacation mode I was in need of, yet. 

Of course being hostess of a whole lot of guests is worth it, since nothing is as much a conditioner as good friends, but I still hope for a few days of doing nothing...

Guess who lives here!

You're right: of course it's Super Mario!!!

It's slowly coming together outside: the hedge that's supposed to be totally gone, is at least removed from the garden. Still lying about outside it though...

Longing for a garden sans mess...

Some people with squashed fingers get to lie in the sun!

Even though horror is around us, the grapes still grow.

And The Boy still smiles, playing outside, enjoying his parents' company.

Tell tale summer sign: a wet towel hanging to dry.

Our hollyhock is ready...

We enjoy, occasionally, being off duty.

I can't figure it out at all and I totally relate to Einstein and the filmmakers of "Back to the future" (movies I LOVE!) and their fascination of time itself. What is time? How do we capture it (of course we can't)? How do we learn to make the best of the time we're given?

Over here, these days, it seems that baking is one way to make time move slower and taste better!

A boy ready to bake!

Chocolate cupcakes!


Feeling almost like masters of the art!!

After standing still, making cupcakes, 
one must be a little active and mischievous...!

Yet another week is starting. My third week of vacation. 
I say it again: I can't believe where the time goes, 'cuz I feel I've had maybe a day or two....

This evening we'll get together with my cousin, her husband and their children. Seeing them is rare these days, since we moved further away from them, moving to the south. We'll make the best of the time we get tonight!


  1. Det är så fruktansvärt det hände i Norge! Det är nästintill ofattbart! Man MÅSTE ta till vara på livet och de stora och små ögonblicken...

    Vilka UNDERBARA bilder du bjuder på Anna! Gillar speciellt den vackra grinden, de söta cupcakesen, rödvinet i de fina glasen, era snygga köksluckor och er söta son - vilken härlig liten kille!:)Åh Super Mario! Hihi:)

    Ha det gott söta Anna!:)

    Kraam Izabell

  2. Men du är ju bara för gullig och snäll!!!!
    Varmt tack.
    Du har rätt, man måste ta vara på det man har och som är gott.

    Massa kramar!!!!