Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The dream
I've understood that there are women who always dreamed of being a mother. Who feel it's their first and foremost purpose in life and always has been.
I'm not one of them.
Or maybe I should say I was never one of them before.

I LOVE my boys like nothing alse and they are my world, make no mistake about that.
But it seems to me that it is now that I've come to feel that the single most important and time-worthy part of my life is my mothering (I guess this blog is living testimony to that?!) and it's ironic since now my firstborn has already left the nest.

I've stated earlier (here) that I'm a late bloomer and the things in my life that I've actually chosen myself are few.
These days I get to choose for myself and thereby also to feel for myself and I feel now that motherhood is top of the heap, to me.

My boy built this, with his bare hands. The miracle!

These days I do, however, help the big son with various stuff over the phone (a poor substitute but what to do, eh?) like look things up, check things out and remind him. 
Better than nothing but it sure would be grand having him here.


Random pickings of a life extraordinary!
The Boy got a bike the right size for him, guess if he was in a good mood Saturday?!
I tried out my new Copenhagen-shoes - guess what mood I was in, eh?!!
Roses in fantastic bloom wherever I look. Well, guess.... - you know the drill!

Trying to blow petals off, of a different kind of flower. No walk in the park.

Hmm, he had to admit to the failure on this one!

Moving on...

un-random pickings. Rose pickings!!
As I said. I went ahead and I do hope you'll forgive me.


As if those sightings weren't enough we went ahead, feeling like more loveliness. Sun came through, so we headed for the beach boardwalk.

And there we happened upon Dog Roses.

For the first time ever, we let The Boy's hair grow out a bit. And what did we find?
He enherited my curly hair, indeed!

Enough of the camera up my face, mom!!

Just kidding!

Well, this sure is The Time. I begin to understand why I feel less longing for autumn and winter these days, than ever before: it's because summer here is so grand, so perfect. I don't want it to end.

I tried cropping this pic in order to enhance the bumble bee, for you. I didn't manage it though. 
Can you see it? The wings are all lit up. Noticing details, for sure!

Wednesday's here. Tomorrow there won't be charge time for weekend for me, it'll be charge time for vacation! Can't wait!


  1. Åhhh du verden så nydelige bilder, det oser sommer og sol av disse bildene, og nyyyyter synet av fine badehus og strand...herlig!

    Ha en fin sommerdag!

  2. Tack Karna! Du gör mig jätteglad med dina ord :-)
    Jo, dessa trakter skulle nog du gilla - du som tycks lika förtjust i havet och stranden som jag!!