Sunday, October 20, 2013

How do you view relationships in your life?

When someone I used to count as friend all of a sudden let me down in an area I never would have predicted, I really started thinking of friendships and relationships and how we regard them and how we treat them.
Sometimes telling someone "the truth" when they ask you for it may mean they turn away, cause the truth was not the the version they wanted you to feed them. If you're brave enough to stand honest, you simply must calculate that that could be an effect.
I've come to a part of my life where I calcuate it and also cherish that from others: if I ask for the true opinion, I want it regardless. It may hurt but not nearly as much as lying to yourself will hurt you, at the end of the day.

My life has virually taught me "no pain, no gain" and going through hard times, doing wrong and also being a leader has forced me to face myself and looking very deep in to that mirror at all the flaws and fears that I have. I have looked at them (still do), taken them out, turned them over, tasted them, accepted the ones I must and changed a few that were unacceptable and put the entire pack back.
I face myself daily and scrutinize myself and question my doings and even more my "feeling:s" and I think that I may therefore also take for granted that others do so too.
I sometimes forget that others may not have come that far yet, they have a few quarters left before they reach that square.
I have a lot of quarters left too, of course, and the map never ends.

I always ask my heart what is right and true, nowadays, before every decision and I care not what others advice and say, if that's in opposition of what my heart says. For many years my fear would pose as my heart, misguiding me, and back then I could not listen to my heart, because it was my fear talking. These days I see my fear when it shows up and I put my trust in my heart when I ask for guidance and now - at the age of 42 - it works, so it's a solid process in which I'm secure and at peace.

No pain, no gain = a whole lot of pain, a whole lot of gain!


So, The Boy had his b-day party a bit delayed, together with a friend. 
Going there, through fall landscape, was spectacular!

We're there!!

Very up-tempo:ed place...!

Gifts - that's all good!

A lively group.

Cheerful times!

:-) <3

Autumn mornings look like this, only totally dark outside nowadays.

October, for ya'!

Those colours!!!

Loving looking at birds, just as his mama!

Special times of calmer days and glorious colouring.

Lovely times.

Cosiness comes knocking - and we're all fired up for it :-)


I'm very proud of the relationship I have built together with my husband, because we're both committed. Not just in the sense of "being married, being in a committed relationship", I mean committed in the sense where both of us not only just look at ourselves in the mirror - we look at each other too. 
We admit to our failures and each other's failures, we talk about them and we decide to stick around, to go forward together with force and trust and goals forward. With enthusiasm even, since the pain-gain can lead you anywhere really! 
We keep letting the old relationship die, so that a new one can be born. I'd say we're brave and active in our relationship and we care for deep down real about each other's life. There's no plan B, since we are not going to be distracted from plan A, which is a relationship that's for life.

I'm ready for the new week. I hope you are too!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Same but different

Looking back at my blogging I realise that September is a poor blog month!!
I never keep it up during this month in time. I suppose it's not that strange that I have a lot to do after the summer months and when everything starts anew at work and for The Boy at school.
This year my new job adds to that mix and has me working harder than ever. But not too hard - it's quite enjoyable and has brought a new good routine: early bedtime :-)

I started this blog post in early September and simply finish it now and offer it to you.
Enjoy this very last breath of Scandi summer. And an observation of being different and similar all at once.


We're very different from each other, my husband and I.
The different spheres that interest us are different, that's very distinct when we choose conversation pieces, but how we view things and think about things is worlds apart.
Sometimes I'm amazed how different two people can be but mostly I'm just glad we are - it would be very boring otherwise!

Via knowing more about MBTI type indicators I really understand the "being different" and how that is, rather than just wondering why.

Day 2 of Legoland. 
We were charged and ready to go!

Amazing buildings.

A somewhat unexpected humanoid!

Making a Legoland coin!

Being a good poser, for his mama <3

Getting the driver's license!
It turned out to be a difficult thing, that almost brought tears to those darling blue eyes, since he didn't understand what those Danish folks said and didn't understand where to go and what to do and nobody (but mama) took notice....!

All is well that ends well, thank goodness. He got his license!

Times, almost too good to be true!

Loads of water attractions there!

I ain't scared of water...!

Going to get those types, shooting at us.... Aiming!

They shot back!!!!

Mom to the rescue...

I held my ground!

Wet, wet, wet...

Goofing off :-)

Going home.

Bought another bracelet - in beige leather - and loving it.

Michael Mann-feel to it! (I happen to love Michael Mann)

The trip in the rearview mirror.

Yes, we celebrated 15 years together! <3 <3 <3
Our son captured us celebrating!


I am a person who is right now, I see, I feel and then I act - now. Marcus is also right now but also in the future. He thinks about things all the time and he's very curious about the world. I'm curious too but of individuals and not at all about the world.

So whenever he asks those famous words:
-What are you thinking about?
I always answer:
-I'm not thinking about anything, why do you think that I'm thinking about something?

And the answer is, of course, because he always thinks about something and I always feel something about something. That is probably the biggest difference between the both of us!
Hence, to him a visit to a restaurant means studying the menu and decide from that, while I study the lighting in there, the sofas, the cloths and the music. Once I wrote a sms reply "who cares about the food, what does it look like in there?" :-)

Have a grand new week, lovelies out there!