Friday, October 28, 2011

Quest for Favorite Day!

I'm on a quest - yeah, still on the quest for the daily Favorite Day!
In this quest I've realized that it's hard, sometimes, and really easy other times to grasp/think/feel that every day is my Favorite Day.

There are moments, however. Every day has favorite moments and in harder periods those moments are what needs to be saught after.
'Cuz even the worst week has its moments!
(sometimes they don't really shine wide open like the sun but a tiny sliver here and there will be found when looked for)

My days and weeks right now are fine, so I search for both, in my quest!

Through the narrow gate you see a new and cute wall painting. Sliver unexpected!

Now, this place is pure and huge sunshine but still - even a horrible day would mend here.

The Hubster and I got a few hours alone and we ended up here...

Not one of the loads of people who opted to go here, that day, were
brave enough to have their coffee outside. It's that cold here now.
Charming though.

Charming in the way that their credit card stations all failed and people got to pay in euro instead or drive away for money. Later. Everybody being cosily small town-minded, friendly and open! I love that.

Boy did I enjoy?! Big time.

Looks like hubs did too...

My life is divided in two "parts": work week and private weekend. The work week is my every day life and the weekend is the treasure and reward.
I came to think about what my favorite moments of everyday life is?
Here's five of them (slivers, if you will):

1. Reading to my boy at night.
We read fiction and we read facts and above all: he talks! He tells me of his day and I get a rare special insight in his little school life. 
I love those moments and whenever I think I'll be too tired and rather hang out on the couch and let hubby do the reading, I change my mind - I can't give it up! 
(hubs get to read too but I do it more often, since I have longer commute times and see less of our son)

2. Jogging with the dog.
I feel free and liberated doing this and the dog is so happy he melts my heart by the pure look of his face.

3. Early mornings.
The Boy comes to our bed early and he generously gives hugs that are delicious. I carpe them all, knowing it's a thing that will pass.

4. Mornings.
I've begun putting my make-up on in the sofa, where the boy watches kids' TV! That way we get to chat and I get to sit with him while getting the make-up thing done. It's also more comfortable than standing in the bathroom. Win-win!

5. Walking home from school with The Boy.
He's on his bike and I exhale the day's work and the day's all questions. I see things around me as if it was for the first time and I'm generally relaxed and a little enthusiastic about the evening that's ahead of us!

I just cannot believe beauty like this!

It may be small but it's everything.

We walk a path together. 
Even if it goes by fast, we still have a lot of great things ahead of us.

Well, our town does look good in the evening sun.

It's about to be appreciated even more, from now on!

This I couldn't appreciate more than I already do...
... still I do - a little bit more each and every day!

You've grown accustomed to seeing the leaves of the grape plant by now. They're turning yellow.

Fall is all around.

Please, do tell what your favorite things about everyday life is!
It's inspiring hearing other people's stories on this and maybe I'll find more gems that I hadn't noticed yet...

Welcome, gorgeous Friday! I've longed for you.You're a bearer of sweet gifts that I can't wait to enjoy (one of them is hopefully seeing The Old Son!!!!!)

Have a happy Friday and an even happier weekend, dear friends!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beware: beauty ahead...

I often talk about - and think about - the shortness of life and how fast it passes.
How do we make the most of our lives? How do we really capture - preferably save - each and every day?
These thoughts keep occupying my mind.

I have no answers. I know that the balance I keep coming back to, has something to do with it.
The more I miss and long for my oldest son, the more I appreciate every text message from him, every phone call. And the moments we see each other? Those moments are heaven.
Work-life balance. The harder work is, the more I treasure the private time. And the harder some work days are, the more I love the un-hard ones.
The more I realize that we sure did leave our friends behind (and that people here in the south are reluctant, to say the least, to form new friendships) the more I feel happy and alive seeing our old friends again, when we go visit!

It goes on like that, I can't keep calling all these bluffs...
You get the picture.
It would seem, to me, that forsaking things makes you treasure them more when you get to enjoy them.
Life lessons everywhere, all the time.

Now, this is a boy on his way to see a good friend! Happy as a .... clown?!!

Happy go lucky, for sure!

A mother's reflection.

Since The Boy went to a friend for four hours, we hit the road...

If our old home was situated in elk territory (we often had elks in our garden), this is wild boar country (no boars in the garden yet, though).

We hit the road out to the countryside, in order to only find and enjoy beauty.

Which we did.

Just the two of us. It was enchanted.

Fishermen's nets.

At this point I think I did manage to stop time!

This was a new place that we discovered. There are lots of new places for us to discover! 
One of the great things about packing up and leaving, for a new part of the country.

This place took my breath away.

One of many castles around these parts.

Dinosaur territory!

These babies were curious about the weird lady with the camera.

Animals are happily unaware.

See the country side right there in the eye?

The stables of this place...!!

Bigger and better than our house!

I might have a lot more questions, than answers but I know this: if there's something that does make me feel as if I save the day, it's being close in touch with nature. I get high on life in surroundings like these and I feel invincible too. There's a small part of the key here, I think.

Just the two of us.

Nature's pride and joy.

Just inhale.

Some sisters that has got it going on for sure.

Geese chilling and socializing.

Other times when I feel distinctly alive is when I, too, chill!
Being in a foam bath, reading a magazine or getting that perfect photo gives me the chills and allows me to stop time for a while. I forget everything else and I love being in my own company.
Maybe that's another key issue? Learning to love that very company to such an extent?

Wednesday's here!
Time to get our acts together, 'cuz tomorrow's sweet charge time!
Hope all is well out there.