Monday, October 24, 2011

Odd ones out...

Such gorgeous days, so much beauty, so many photos and so little time...
I scraped together a whole bunch of "odd ones" and collected them for Monday´s post.
Here goes:

Odd as it is indeed - I here give you a few shots from my work day, Sunday.
No, your eyes aren't failing you, I said work day. No kidding!

Here I am in action!
My usual work day consists of dealing with staff, visionary work, meetings, budgets and that sort of thing. Every now and then, however, I do fun stuff. Like this: announcing the magical clown Jumping Joe!

Family Day at the library I manage and while a lot of action was going on, 
the info desk had its usual tasks as well.

Well, behold indeed, I may never get into a mood where I share work pics again...

My boy loved the day! 
(so, it was like the grey zone of being in a work day as well as being with family).

Behind the book shelf - this is an unordinary sight.

We got up close with the clown afterwards.

He offered some more magic!

I also took the opportunity to read to kiddos there. A marvelous day!

Going home afterwards, my heart was as warm as the setting sun looked.
Those are the days when I LOVE my job and truly remember why I chose the profession.

Goofing off with the camera - just for fun. I adore doing things just for fun!!

Looky looky, looks like a peace pigeon flying!

It looks almost like New York. But - alas - it's a small town close to ours, where I lived a few years as a child. Beautiful though.

Our town.

So, it finally happened: I felt good enough about work to share some of it with you. As unusual as strange and rare. That I know.
I'm a little overwhelmed by it all so words are few, letting the photos do the talking.

Instagrams for you now:

A regular Saturday morning could look like this, 
if we're lucky enough to get to borrow our TV...!

Bicycling home from school, The Boy stops to clap his hands and sing.

"Good night sweet boy, sleep tight!"

Now if there was ever a moment in time, this is it!
I took this pic by mistake.

Going back and forth in the car...

... on those beautiful southern roads.

A few hours of pure luxury, in the middle of a 12,5 hour work day.
My hair artist is the freakin' best there is!!

I'm so thankful for her.

The hubs wanted to see what I got done, 
so he got this pic in a text.

Morning moon over our house.

Un-filtered gorgeous sun rise.

Everyday life: grocery shopping.

I visited The Boy's school on Friday and got to see him learn, speak in front of the class and see him weave. A great day.

After jogging, the dog is tired.

Yeah, like really tired-tired...!!

Odd blog post out, eh?! It's on me.
Monday again. Have a great Monday, folks!


  1. Great photo's from your workplace... the children looked like they loved the clown!
    It's nice to see a snapshot of your life.
    jennie. x

  2. Jennie: thanks! I'm glad you liked it!