Monday, October 3, 2011

This is gonna be a great day!

Maybe even The Greatest?!
Of course it's gonna be a great day, it's my favorite day and I get to start it with three of my four favorites!
And, to be honest, how could a Monday be anything but great, following such a superb weekend?

The Favorite Small Boy.

Lego is da shit!

As long as he's this relaxed, playing lying down all is good with the world.

Friday turned out to be a really proud day, like it wanted to honor the fact that it's the starting signal for the weekend! We walked down (The Boy bicycled) to town and picked and chose between the restaurants in order to get the very one. The one that would fit our moods.
We did and we had one of those evenings that you kind of hope for during vacation, maybe, but rarely achieve: we had a marvelous time.
I felt lucky.

Floor playing.

Few things make The Boy happier than games!!

Playing with mom and dad.

Dad took a break in his studies (yeah he works and studies too).

This new mystery game is his current Big Time Favorite!

There is nothing that makes your heart jump of joy, like seeing the boy enjoy a game.

This brother is GOOD at playing games. Especially if you need to memorize stuff - then he aces. 

The Hubster doesn't dislike winning, so he keeps a close eye on my moves...

Yes! He won :-D

I love this blog and the friends that have come with it. I love their thoughtful comments and the fact that sometimes they stop by! I love choosing the best photos to feature here and I love coming back reliving the moments over and over again. 
This evening when I walked the dog I kind of remembered photos when I walked around and came to those places where I took certain photos in July and in August. A totally new way of living in this world!
I dig it!
Thanks y'all for being true to this tiny and sometimes weird and blurry little place in this huge world!

I like evenings the most, since the hours are there for the taking - a whole lot of them.
But mornings aren't half bad either, when everything starts anew and the sun does its part to clear things up.

Does more than its part, I'd say. What a way to start a great day!

Morning light. Almost magical, like anything can happen during the day ahead.

Tired boy having breakfast watching TV.


I'm an evening gal. What say you?

The dog loves an open suitcase. In fact he can't resist resting in it.

It's Monday again and I can't complain at all. The weekend delivered big time and I almost feel as rested as after a week of vacation.
Good for me!

I wish all of you a wonderful Monday!
Remember: this is gonna be a great day!


  1. Hi There!!
    I love the last photo. I grew up with a dog that would jump into any kind of case, including instrument cases!
    Thank you for all your lovely comments, Im so glad you enjoy reading it. And those fancy Eames people, creative bunch weren't they?

    Happy wishes from across the world
    Mrs Wife

  2. MWML: yes, dogs are wonderful, with such personality! Instrument cases - that's swell!!
    Yes, the Eames-people got it going on :-)

    Thanks for your comment!