Friday, September 30, 2011

Same ole sh*t, different day?!

I don't know - some weeks are that much harder than others.

Yeah, I'm talking about work... a big "no no", so I'll stop!

How about the weather, eh?
The weather is a "hot" topic in Scandinavia, mainly 'cuz the weather is not mostly sunny and hot, I suppose?
Well, if summer rained away, autumn seems to shine on!

Spoiling us rotten: the sun.

Same ole, same ole!

I'm pleased with my ability to suck it in.

Noticing splendid things.

The fairly new rose bush got plenty of rain and now sun and so it grows!!

Come Sunday, I'll make grape marmalade!

Enjoy the sunshine, Mickey!

Mantras for sale
It sure is extra special and extra marvelous to enjoy the tiniest things, when the work week is hard.

When you in the morning create the mantra:
-When I see this path/plant/fence next time, the work day will be over and I'll be walking home. THEN I'm free and then I'll enjoy like crazy!

Ooops, there I went again.... sorry!

Something to long for, to see again.

Yeah, they're still going strong!!
My new autumn favorites.

Morning dew, awesome to walk upon.

Morning dew, under my foot.

I and  in the lower right corner: my son.

This strawberry plant seems sure it's July...

Heaven in a leaf.

You know what?
I have a grand week, despite it all! I have enjoyed the sun on my face intensely and I have treasured all those favorite moments that lacked hardships. I have been blessed with evenings - a whole lot of evenings and that's great, since I'm an evening-lover!

Instagrams for you:

According to tradition: an non-instagram, for you... 
I lay ill during my visit to the old son.

Nothing to be done about it.

As I said earlier: still very happy!

Seeing The Boy again was heart warming, of course.

Lying ill in my own bedroom.

The Hubster bought us a new TV, for the bedroom.

My glorious love!

Loving the most gorgeous boy.


Morning sunshine in Scandinavia.

Bright morning light.

A new little cave for the dog, where he's safe from puppies.

Evening snuggle.

My boy picks chestnuts as if it was a full time job!

The Dog resting in my suitcase before I unpacked it (still haven't!)

What a wonder! 
Walking to pick my boy up, after school Thursday in warm summer-like sun.

Bless you gorgeous autumn, we love having you here!

Well endings
They say all is well that ends well.
Today I'll end my work week and I'll be d*mn sure to end it well.
Here's to Friday! TGIF!!!! (yeah: same ole shit, different week!)

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