Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Playful times

Playing shop
We're all in agreement, aren't we, that time rushes?!!
I know I talk about it often enough and I keep reading that others feel the same way.
Sunday evening The Boy played "grocery store" or some kind of shop and I, who normally don't really like playing, really liked playing shop.
I bought a drawing book, a wooden medieval knife, a Megamind-figure and a dashing Darth Vader-mask.
All to the noble price of 7 money.
Quite the bargain, I'd say!
Oh, the money consisted of lego pieces, so I had an endless amount, which felt kind of nice. For a change.

Rowan berries look good with a blue sky as a backdrop.

Running after my bicycling boy enables me to discover all sorts of leaves, flowers and insects.

Time to throw the helmet - and start the playing!

Playing in the playground
If there's something to be said for my boys, it's that they're really good at playing for themselves. Well, The Big Boy did as a kid and still does as an adult, playing computer games. The Little Boy is never bored either, 'cuz he's darn good at keeping himself busy and entertained. I think that's a really good quality and a quality that tells of an imaginative mind.

So what if the playground is empty? I'll go bananas, having fun anyhow!!!

And if mom watches, it's even better.

Putting on quite the show!

Wonderful, free playing on a swing.

Gosh, how I love. Gosh, how I wish I could stop time sometimes.

Almost like flying...

Mischievous looking boy...

Love the boy.

This smile is..... wonderful!

How good love feels!

Playing is good.

Conditioner for the soul.

Entertaining himself quite well.

Time to go home, or to bike?


The Boy can, all of a sudden, get sad/angry. 
Here I think he was a little ill actually.

Not happy at all.

Good to rest afterwards.

Two teeth are gone!

Playing with the dog..!

Cosy Corner getting real cosy, with a cosy dog present!

Unmodified, just the photo. It looks like art though.

Fab times
Today is Wednesday and I dare say that I'm in for a totally marvelous, wonderful and fantastic day. Days.
More on that later. Of course ;-)
Have a good second part of the week. Remember, tomorrow's charge time and I'm up for it!


  1. Love the shots of your boy- he looked like he was having a grand time at the park! That last photo is fantastic too!

  2. Again lovely shots of your little boy... Such a happy chappie (most of the time) hahaaaaa... The rowan berries are pretty against the sky back drop. Sweet blog post. :-)

  3. Thanks to both of you, I get so happy for your comments!!
    It really is splendid times, being spent outside, playing!