Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Big deal
The weekend came with a Big Thing: the delayed birthday party for The Boy!
He has his birthday in the middle of everybody's vacation in summer so we opted to wait 'til school had started.

Being scandinavian (and therefore not american!) we had a modest party...

Some cute plates and cups, some balloons and some friends!

Well, we did bake chocolate cupcakes and I did forget them in the oven 
and they did turn out dry, hard and not so tasty...!!!

But that's not even the issue.

Because the kiddos had a BLAST!

My kind and warm hearted boy likes the small children from his old pre school, so they received invitations too. I'm obnoxiously social, by vow and nature, so I saw the potential of having small kids dragging their parents here also...

A happy boy!

This house has never seen more action - I guarantee it!!

Nice parents indeed.

How wonderful to see him so happy.

It turned out to be the (maybe) last summer day that day. It was darn hot, maybe hottest all summer? So we could be outside in the garden too. Way to go autumn!

Nice and interesting conversations paired with...

... hectic playing and watching small ones!

High energy level.

Maybe I shouldn't tell you, point out the not so obvious, but this pic is killing me......
....... you see that crazy face the hubster is making? That's his new look. Ever since he grew a beard, this weird face shows a drizillion times a day......
Cracks me up laughing as much as I tell him off!

Good times.

So, yes, the party was a success. We had prepared a treasure hunt that got the kids running even more, chasing the treasue that of course held the candy bags.
The Boy said over and over again how happy he was with his party, so it is all very good.
It was a very good day. One for the books even.

These children loved the grapes. Go figure!

The Boy's all time favorite small child.

Holding on tight to his Shrek-hand-fan.

What a remarkable day!

The Boy picks grapes for his favorite gal!

The gentleman.

True love there.

Showing the place where the tooth used to sit.

If it was the last day of summer, we sure celebrated it. We had ice cream, chocolate sauce, cupcakes (well, hrmm) balloons, candy bags, trampoline, kids, parents, coffee and a whole big bunch of energy!

Do I dare say it? Wednesday again...
Have a fab one!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son!!! He is so adorable :)

    By the way, I am one of the few among my friends that has modest birthday parties as well ;)

    My instagram is willowwhimsy, I'm a little addicted to that app!

  2. Thanks a bunch!!! :-)
    So, there are a few European-ish americans out there?!! Good to know ;-D

    I've looked you up on instagram now!!!