Monday, September 12, 2011

This & that!

Life wants to get my attention...
And so the blog post had to wait. Go figure!
It's still Monday however and better late than never...

This afternoon The Boy and I decided that as long as there are flowers blooming, it's still a little summer.

Even shadows of leaves will do...

A few more weeks, if they'll get that, then the grapes will be yummy!


Left out?
The Dog feels left out whenever I'm not in the immediate vicinity and that's cute enough!
Harder to cope with is when The Boy feels that his former best friend doesn't really want to play with him any longer. I guess it's not only girls preferring each other, leaving others out?
Well, my boy has a mother who will open the house for some new school friends this weekend.

Is mommy leaving again?

He built a gate!!

Nothing like the cosy corner.

The Hubster caught me with no make up. 
I guess I'm feeling good enough, about me, to publish it here ;-)

Thinking cap
I put my thinking cap on this evening, after the info on the "friend issue", after a vaccination of The Boy where he was brilliantly brave and tough and after a quite long walk to a certain store where The Boy spent his saved money in order to buy two movies.
My boy is happy and carefree and the ones he chooses to call friends should be so happy. 
Maybe I wasn't prepared here either? He's getting big and with years come experiences.
We'll deal with it.

Helping daddy out, building.

This house is filled with Cross Spiders....... yaiks!

The wonder of love
Then there's this thing called love. 
I see my husband, sitting on the couch working and I feel so much tenderness.
I see my boy standing on the school yard and the pride and love just oooouzes out of me and I'm certain that that's all we need. Really.

The afternoons and evenings in our home are magical.
All of a sudden I realize that I'm really blessed to have a private life like mine. 

All of a sudden: a fall sign...

My boy, my love.

This weekend came with plenty of time for.......... cleaning.

Wine and Will Smith in the iPhone = a good evening!
Wine and Will Smith AND hubs by the grill = unbeatable!!

(yes, they're still hot!)

So's the grill.

A little bit of this and that.


This & That.

Those lovely wonderful days, evenings, weekends. This fabulous love. This grand life.
Monday's here. Have a good week!


  1. I love that your dog looks like the rug he sleeps on, heeheee... lovely photos again. yes its still summer, just. The leaves are changing by me though. A beautiful sight.

  2. Thank you, dear Jennie!
    Yes, he does look like the rug...

    Yeah, autumn is here - that's a fact. I love it too!