Monday, September 26, 2011

Not quite the way I planned...

Change of plans
I sure was in for some fun times indeed: I was going to spend four nights in our old hometown where I was to attend a book fair two days (including theatre visit, lunch dates with friends etc.), spend time with my first born and then be accompanied by hubs and boy and go with our friends to an amusement park.
After that we were to have dinner with our friends and spend a night with them.

Well, two (!) flues got in the way: a stomach flu and a regular flu at the same time.
I was knocked out in the middle of the fair, surrounded by thousands of people.

Good anyway!
But, you know what? I loved the trip anyway!
I managed to squeeze some gems out of it, no matter what.

I spent an evening with my son (before I knew I was sick) and then we went to a nice restaurant and after he made us drinks and we just watched TV and talked a whole lot.
And boy, how I laughed!!!
My son is a very funny young man, he has a gift for pointing out the fun things in everyday life and since I love him so totally dearly, my laughs begin in my heart.
I love those laughs most in the world.
I love him utterly.

So, here I lie in bed. Being sick and ill.
I've not taken many photos this week and today I have no strength to upload any of them. I therefore give you some instagrams:

Frequent instagram celebrity!

After school chilling.

We're having a café kind of autumn.

Plum pie.

Our town is autumn gorgeous right now.

So is our home!

My boys, my wonder.

Monday snuggle: The Boy giving me a chance to choose a movie.

A waffle evening was tasty!

Evening sky in our fort.

Morning sky.

Blue sky meets grey, going to work in the morning.

Still color rich in the garden.

Another ghost in this blog?
(actually a towel hanging above me!)

Going to see my son and visit the book fair.

Enjoying dinner with my son. Bless his soul.

Going to his apartment.

No words are enough.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So happy to see him. It kills me to leave...

Look what he made for his mom!!

Having to go back home, before time. 
Breakfast (tea for me) with that son <3

He sure does take good care of those genes... ;-)

Being on the train with stomach flue and a fever - not so much fun!

Back home. And as weird as it may sound: I also LOVE LOVE being here.
LOVE LOVE the life we have here.

This little one was crazily happy seeing me!

Guarding me throughout the illness.

So often in life, things do not work out the way we think
I mean: I mourned moving away from my son, it was a shock and a mourning process. Yet, I couldn't possibly understand what it would be like. I always lack him. Every single day.

But I couldn't have guessed, either, that he would have such a strength to go out and find an apartment, find jobs, excel in those very jobs and above all: give testament to how good he feels about himself.
I'm just so thankful.

Little did I know that a 100 percent social prolonged weekend would turn into sickness and illness in bed.
At the fair, however, I got to listen to my all time favorite author - heck I even got to talk to him! - and I managed a few minutes at my favorite scene there. I also had time to spend time with a co-worker, which I think she liked.
So, both on the private level and the professional level I kinda got the job done, despite it all.
On arrival home, the hubs even bought that long overdue TV for the bedroom, so I could watch a little TV, while ill.

I had a good weekend. 


  1. Oh my word... what are you doing writing a blog post after being soooo poorly? tut tut you should be resting.
    But what i will say is that you looked really happy with your son in those photo's, your pretty and he's really rather cute! ;-D
    I'm so glad you managed to salvage something of your weekend, what very poor timing to become sick. ;-(
    There will be more good weekends in the future to look forward too im sure.
    Love love love that instagram photo of your little doggie (the 1st one i think)
    Keep smiling hunni !

  2. Thanks dear sweet Jennie!
    For kind words on my son, me and the dog - makes me feel better just reading it :-)
    Huge thanks for reading and commenting! You're too kind!!!