Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer meets fall!

It's a kind of magic
Right now summer meets fall, in my country, and unlike Miami (that has degrees of summer all year) we really get seasons here. When summer's gone, it's gone. When autumn's here it's here to stay.
For a while.
I have never before realized that it actually is a kind of magic, being in the zone where summer actually modifies into autumn. It's still a little warm, it gets dark a lot earlier and the winds are blowing kind of hard.
Still sun shows a whole lot and I never pick up The Boy and walk home in darkness.

Still holding on to summer: roses!

Wild flowers trying hard to keep summer.

The Boy rides his bike in his summer jacket.

Cheering autumn on: these bushes that marvel with their coloring.

Green and yellow trees.

Wild and strong Daisies.

An impromptu walk, Saturday, where The Boy got to practice his bicycling was a wonderful way to capture this magical time when we feel and see summer aswell as autumn.
It was a good walk: The Boy was cheerful and hubs and I held hands. Simple as that, baby!

Romantic: someone had carved their initials in this tree in a park.

This bench is waiting for a summer-celebrating person to have an ice cream. 
I think not.

A nice café lured us in.

How will I be able to choose?!

What I'd never want to have to do without
Being all summer loving it dawned on me what it is that I absolutely LOVE about autumn (among other things): sneaking into all those cosy cafés and just sitting there with lit candles sipping coffee, eating a cake with my loved ones!
If the beach is summer, cafés are autumn, to me. And boy, do I love it!
I couldn't do without the different seasons, for sure.

A soccer loving café - they have the country's best soccer player on the wall!

We sank down in a sofa - and enjoyed the calmness of the Saturday.

I think the hubster had kind of forgotten also - we love these café visits in fall...

Cosy atmosphere.

A content lady, enjoying herself to the max!!!

Outside: a summer reminder.

On that bike again!

We stopped for a while, to listen to a talented choir. 

Geese flying south. Great, powerful birds.

The Boy will probably enter this school one day. His great grandfather went there back in the twenties.

How about those fall like reds?

Yep, The Boy used some more of his money!!

He thought the air was clear and bright, he said. Bless that boy.

The winter was loooooooong this year and spring was kind of short. Summer was quite long, I think, but many summer days rained away. Folks in this country are busy booking exotic journeys as we speak, since they were disappointed with the weather this summer.
Thanks to this blog I KNOW we had many sunny days, we had lots of butterflies and bees and there were ample opportunities to sit outside and have a cup of coffee.
'Cuz, honey, I did!

Now fall is here to stay. Summer gave it a good match today but there's no hope to be found: summer lost the fight!
Let's all embrace the loveliness of autumn instead of fight it. See the leaves, smell the remaining roses and breathe in that fresh air - fill your lungs with it and you'll feel it going straight to your brain!

It is Friday again. Take the opportunity this weekend - the opportunity to love autumn!


  1. Yeah your summer to Autumn is just like ours... I love that green to red ivy climbing up walls.
    Those pastry cakes look yummy and inside the cafe so warm and comfy.
    Again another lovely family scene... I'm so relaxed looking through your photos.
    Jennie. X

  2. Thanks for your remarkably kind words! They make me very happy.
    Yes, autumn is beautiful and definitely café-cosy ;-D