Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The best is yet to come!

Carefree daysThe weekends are the carefree days and the time for doing whatever we want!
Said and done: the concert we had planned on going to, with The Boy, to see his idol was cancelled. The Boy felt like "just being at home having time to play and just be" so that's what we did.
The Boy - and we - figured that the idol will give more concerts and it felt not only like the mature thing to do, it felt like the right thing to do.

Off for cosy times downtown...

The weather was chill-friendly!

Hubs finally had time to look for clothes and I helped out
(yeah The Boy played with the camera while waiting!).

The Boy wanted to "fika" (yeah: have coffee/coke and cookies/cake) at our favorite place.
We obliged.

I captured what might have been the last fika outside, in the sun.

And how I enjoy enojoying the small things!!

[switching between PC and Mac makes texts and pics jump. Sorry!]

AddictiveThis "new" thing is darn addictive, as I had hoped and counted on that it should be. The new thing, to me, is having the focus 100% on my private time, when I'm not at work.
Since I'm the kind of person who is really active, believe that what I work with is darn important to people and who wants to do my absolute best whenever I do something, being totally off duty, when off duty, is new.
I'm loving it.
I will never change it. Funny how things and perspectives can change!
Keyword here, of course being, FAMILY.
And that's addictive!!

I'm proud of being capable to notice butterflies!

I am loving these old fashioned coffee cups.

Father and son looking at each other with love.

Joking around!
It's pure medicine!!

A moment in time. I love my moments in time.
Small things...
Uh-oh, he dropped his precious goodie bag...

Noticing flowers growing under the stairs...

Now we're talkin': I found time for this.... fashion mag!

And the hubster worked on the fence = seventh heaven!
We were crazily, childishly happy, to be able to have lunch outside.

Bless him for his effort. He was very proud when he finished the project!

Beautiful Hollyhocks in their presumed last blooming.

A work of art!


Yeah, you know how I love looking in..!

Our boy still loves to play this way.

Enjoying Saturday dinner with the dearly loved ones.

The weekend kept us splendid company with its beauty and camlness.

So, life is good, family is swell and all is well.
I guess you could say that we're all in some kind of bloom, in a beautiful and blossomin phase where we feel a lot of love and are a lot in the moments that we live.

Still: I have a grand feeling that the best is yet to come!
That's what keeps me moving forward.

Can you believe it's already Wednesday? I wish you a very lovely second part of the week.
Tomorrow it's charge time, sweet charge time!


  1. I loved your photos of the "little things"... Really lovely. Family time is very important indeed.
    lovely house and garden.... i wonder if your hubby will come build me a garden fence too!? Hahaaaa....
    keep up the lovely blog posts. ;-)

  2. :-) thank you dear Jennie!!
    Hubs says he'll come do that ;-D